Aaron Pena Missing: 5-Year-Old Was Found Dead The Next Day

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Aaron Pena Missing: 5-Year-Old Was Found Dead The Next Day

Aaron Pena missing case was converted into Aaron Pena’s death case after the police officers found his dead body.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced on Twitter that the hunt for a missing five-year-old kid in Central Florida was sadly over early on Thursday, 23rd November 2022, when the boy’s body was discovered.

The OCSO reported that Aaron Pena was discovered dead in a body of water not far from his home.

UPDATE: It’s with a heavy heart that we must report that Aaron Pena was found, deceased, in a body of water not far from his home. We are grieving his loss and our prayers are with his family. https://t.co/4bfixy2aY0

— Orange County Sheriff’s Office (@OrangeCoSheriff) November 24, 2022
“It is with a heavy heart that we must report this,” the OCSO said. “We are mourning his loss and sending our condolences to his family,”

The FDLE withheld information on Pena’s location.

The cause of the death of Aaron Pena has not been made public yet. The police are also unsure if it is a murder or an accident.

On Wednesday, after the youngster allegedly wandered off from his house between Moss Park and SR 417, authorities spent hours looking for him but could not locate him.

Melissa Stanton, Pena’s mother, said the five-year-old, who has autism and is nonverbal, went missing from his house on Wednesday, 22nd November 2022.

He was last spotted without shoes and wearing a light-colored pair of pajama bottoms with a dinosaur print and a brown long-sleeve shirt with a bear clutching a boombox.

He was said to be roughly 41 pounds, 3 feet 11 inches tall, with brown eyes and hair.

The Orange County sheriff’s office says the boy’s residence is close to Moss Park Road and State Road 417.

Pena’s mother, Melissa Stanton, told News 6 that at 12:45 p.m., he left the house through the back door.

Stanton claimed that while working from home, she became aware of a problem when she discovered she could not hear Pena in the background.

After looking for her son for a while, she called out the police, who began the search for Aaron Pena.

‘I wasn’t hearing any type of laughing sounds or him singing over and over — like, repeated songs,’ she said.

‘Or he’ll usually build a scenario where he’ll talk to himself about the birds, colours, and music that he sees on YouTube.’

‘Pena was the youngest of Stanton’s three children,’ she claimed.

Stanton claimed that after seeing that he wasn’t in her kids’ room, she went to check the back door and noticed that it had been unlocked.

She told News 6 that even though the door is often secured, she thinks Pena figured out how to unlock it.

After Stanton reported the kid missing, deputies and the neighborhood started looking in the area around the house.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office updated its social media accounts just before 1 a.m. on Thursday. His family is in our thoughts and prayers as we mourn his death.

Other information has not been made public.

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