All About Kiely Rodni Parents And Missing Update As Her Car Is Found Recently

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All About Kiely Rodni Parents And Missing Update As Her Car Is Found Recently

Kiely Rodni’s parents, Lindsay Rodni-Nieman and Mr. Nieman are worried and can’t fade away negative thoughts after their daughter goes missing.

A 16-year-old teenager, Kiely Rodni, has disappeared from a campground party in North California.

She is missing along with her car, and the police have already started the search campaign. The authorities’ initial briefing discussed it as a potential abduction since neither the lady nor her vehicle has been found to date.

The law enforcement authority is pleading for details regarding the missing case from the attendees since 200-300 juveniles were at the party, reports CNN. The fact that no one saw her leave is unusual since people were all over the place, says Kiely’s friend, Sammi Smith.

Though hundreds of officials and search party members are active in the search, they are yet to locate the lady or her car. It has already been a few days since Rodni went missing, last seen around 12:30 am on Saturday, and her family and friends are very anxious about her situation.

Who Are Kiely Rodni Parents, Lindsay Rodni And Mr. Nieman?

Kiely Rodni’s parents, Lindsay Rodni-Nieman and Mr. Nieman are doing everything possible to find their daughter.

Her mother, Lindsay, has previously spoken to the media revealing how the wait has been grueling and eating her from the inside. She said she couldn’t keep the negative thoughts away and is struggling to cope with the missing. Regardless of the thoughts, she is hopeful of finding her teenage daughter and is working best on her part to make it as quick as possible.

On the other hand, Kiely’s father is yet to come into the media, but he must be pretty worried about the current situation. We are yet to receive any update regarding the parents’ profession and additional personal life details.

Kiely Rodni’s Friend Sami Smith Is Pretty Worked Up Too

Kiely Rodni’s friend, Sami Smith, who was at the party, has also come forward and pleaded for help from the attendees.

Speaking about the missing, Smith revealed it was unbelievable as not even a single person saw her leave. She further added that people were sitting in cars and almost everywhere around the place. So, she believes that someone must know something.

Currently, Sammi is working closely with the family and the authorities to locate her friend and ensure her safety.

Kiely Rodni Missing Update On Reddit: Is Her Car Found?

People are talking about Kiely Rodni’s missing case and closely following updates on Reddit and other social media platforms.

Around 10 hours ago, one user on Reddit wrote about a person who found an abduction scene on his surveillance camera. The post reads that a homeowner in the Sacramento area, around one hour drive from the party place, saw a topless female running on the grass as a vehicle chased after her and put her inside the car.

However, the user also clarified that the timeline of this incident doesn’t match with Kiely’s missing, so whether it is a lead or not remains a query. The search parties have not yet found any vital tips in the missing case despite their vigorous effort to find the lady.

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