Andrew Schimmer Wife Illness – What Disease Does She Have?

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Andrew Schimmer Wife Illness – What Disease Does She Have?

Andrew Schimmer updated about his wife, Jho Rovero’s illness through his social media. Jho is currently battling a severe disease.

Actor Andrew Schimmer is currently dealing with a grave scenario because his wife, Jho Rovero, was hospitalized on July 11, 2022, due to acute hypoxemia. He sent a few pictures of his partner recovering in the hospital because she appeared so frail.

According to reports, Andrew’s stunning wife has been battling cerebral brain hypoxia for a few months. He wishes Jho a quick recovery.

On July 11, 2022, Andrew uploaded pictures of Jho wearing the patient gown to wish her a happy birthday. He penned an emotional post urging readers to keep fighting and not give up. She will always have Andrew by her side.

Jho Rovero: Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Is Suffering From An Illness

The wife of Andrew Schimmer, Jho Rovero, is suffering from acute hypoxemia, which is a severe illness. According to PEP, Andrew frequently posts updates on Facebook regarding Jho’s health.

For several months, Jho has been confined to a hospital bed after suffering a severe asthma attack that left him in cardiac arrest and hypoxemia. When the brain experiences extreme oxygen deprivation, the illness develops.

On June 13, 2022, Andrew posted a video on Facebook showing caring for his wife. The footage shocked many fans, and they wished for her speedy recovery.

According to recent Facebook updates by Andrew, he is looking for financial support to pay for his wife’s hospital stay. Andrea Mari Schimmer set up the GoFundMe page on Charlaine Capin’s behalf.

Jho is also receiving therapy for her Cerebral Hypoxia condition. She has been receiving treatment in the emergency unit while being observed for the past 24 hours. Her severe asthma led to heart failure and hypoxia in the brain.

What Disease Does Jho Rovero Have?

Jho Rovero has had a severe disease named hypoxemia diagnosis for a few months. Jho’s friends and family are hoping for a quick recovery for her.

Jho experienced hypoxemia of the brain in November 2021. The hospital’s poignant video has gone viral on social media. Unfortunately, her condition is deteriorating, as seen in the images.

Additionally, Andrew’s passionate posts on his Facebook page have hurt the hearts of millions of people. They were able to learn about her condition through the post.

But because his wife’s medical costs have skyrocketed recently, Andrew must pay the hospital for her treatment. Internet users assist him by contributing funds to Andrew’s bank account.

Jho’s illness tears down Andrew, yet he has faith that Jho will overcome it. Fans of Andrew are hoping she will recover from her sickness.

Furthermore, cerebral hypoxia can result from accidents and heart attacks that rob the brain of oxygen. It is a severe medical condition that can result in lifelong brain damage.

Andrew Schimmer Wife Is Jho Rovero

Andrew Schimmer’s wife, Jho Rovero, is a Filipino actor and model. She has been in bed for around eight months since she became unwell.

As seen on her Facebook, Rovero has posted many lovely pictures of her loved ones and artwork. She loved cooking, taking vacations, and making Tiktok. But ever since her illness, she has been unable to move.

The actor frequently posts gorgeous pictures of his family to his Instagram account. Andrea, Jho’s daughter, has also raised $15,96 on a GoFundMe page to support her mother.

Additionally, Andrew is of Asian descent and Filipino nationality. In keeping with his loyalty, he attended a private school, finished high school, and then pursued higher education at a reputable university.

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