Anne Heche Car Crash Video & Brain Injury As Actress Is Taken Off Life Support

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Anne Heche Car Crash Video & Brain Injury As Actress Is Taken Off Life Support

After a crash earlier this week, Anne Heche is not expected to live. Her vehicle was engulfed in flames after crashing into a residence in Los Angeles.

The film star was driving erratically between her two car accidents, TMZ claims. Before colliding with a house, she was speeding down a quiet street. Ultimately, her body suffered significant injuries, and a residence got left out with heavy damage.

Some horrifying footage from the accident has circulated on the Internet. One of which shows Heche being rushed to a medical emergency.

Accident: Video of Anne Heche’s Car Crash Was Seen On Surveillance

Anne Heche’s videos have circulated on the Internet after her horrific car crash.

Footage shared on TMZ shows Heche’s automobile speeding down a residential street. She then crashes into a house, and her car ignites a blaze. The footage displays the actress driving a blue Mini Cooper that initially crashed into a garage at an apartment complex.

In between the footage, Heche reverses her vehicle from her first crash, which lands her on a nearby home, causing flames.

A newly released surveillance video of Heche shows she was unaware of the safety of others. She drives her car through streets and alleyways, nearly hitting a woman at one point. Heche was not touching her brakes to avoid a possible collision.

After missing the woman, Anne struck another vehicle, a jaguar, and left the area. Fortunately, no civilians got hurt in the crash.

Nevertheless, Heche herself was hospitalized with severe burns on her body. Footage after the scene shows the actress’ vehicle getting moved by a crane, and she gets taken away by ambulance in a stretcher.

The law enforcement sources say detectives believe that the actress was under the influence of drugs. A snapshot shows Anne had a bottle of alcohol in her car at the time of the calamity.

Anne Heche Suffers Critical Brain Injury

According to Anne Heche’s family members, the actress is not expected to survive. She is in a coma and staying on a ventilator.

She still isn’t awake and has “severe anoxic brain injury,” which happens when the brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. In addition, the actress has received severe burns and wounds on her body.

Her family released a statement on Thursday, August 11, 2022. It reads: ‘We want to thank all for their kind wishes and prayers for Anne’s speedy recovery and thank the staff and wonderful medical workers who cared for Anne at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills hospital.’

‘Unfortunately, due to her mishap, Anne Heche suffered a critical anoxic brain injury and remained in a coma, critical state. She is not expected to survive.’

The statement also says: ‘Anne had a big heart and touched everyone she met with her kind spirit. More than her extraordinary talent, she saw spreading kindness and joy as her life’s work – especially moving the needle for acceptance of who you love.’

‘She will be forever cherished for her honesty and dearly missed for her light.’

Will Anne Heche’s Life Support Be Turned Off?

According to the Daily Mail, Anne Heche’s life support will be removed.

The actress is staying on a ventilator to check whether any of her organs are viable to be donated. She wished to donate her organs in case of such an incident.

Heche made her debut in 1997 and has been in many well-known movies and TV shows. Her breakout performance came in the film Donnie Brasco.

The role of Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in the serial opera Another World propelled the actress to fame. Numerous awards were given to her, including those from the show’s Daytime Emmy and Opera Digest.

In the 1990s, the actress was well-known for her well-publicized relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

She was married to actor James Tupper in the year 2008 and had a son named Atlas with him. Her first child, Homer Laffoon, was born during her marriage with cameraman Coleman “Coley” Laffoon.

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