Charla Nash Before And After Face Transplant – Chimp Attack Video On Reddit

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Charla Nash Before And After Face Transplant – Chimp Attack Video On Reddit

What Happened To Charla Nash? Woman Had To Undergo Face Transplant Surgery After Chimp Attack

Charla Nash’s pictures before and after her face transplant are completely different. Her skin may have been in place, but her sense organs like her nose and eyes have lost their functions.

The story about Charla Nash gets attention again as the new movie Nope was released on July 22, 2022. In one of the scenes, there is a mention of Gordy The Chimp. It is a Chimpanzee featured in a sitcom named Gordy’s Home in the movie Nope.

One day, it goes rampage and kills several actors who were part of the sitcom. The scene may be shown in the reel, but the movie has tried to portray the potential consequences of working with wild animals and how dangerous they can be. It is said that Charla’s story inspired the scene.

Charla Nash was the victim of a brutal and horrifying Chimpanzee attack in 2004. The chimp tore off her hands and face.

She had to get her entire face transplanted. The injuries may not be visible anymore, but she has lost so much over the past decade.

Her face before and after the transplant may seem somewhat similar, but the damage was too big for her. She is now blind, unable to smell, and reliant on a straw to eat.

A Chimp named Travis attacked her that her friend Sandra and Jerome had adopted. One day, Nash visited Sandra’s home. She went outside to get the chimp back at home when it ran away, taking the owner’s car keys.

Something snapped in Travis, and it suddenly started attacking Nash. Despite Sandra’s effort to rescue her friend, it severely injured Charla. The mauling continued for 12 minutes. Finally, Sandra hit Travis with a shovel and stabbed him to help her friend.

Netizens Discuss Chimp Attack Video Of Charla Nash On Reddit

The chimp attack on Charla Nash had gained national attention. It also raised issues of how dangerous keeping wild animals at home was.

Travis was known as a friendly animal and intelligent. But, it ended up acting wild and hurting a human to the extent of killing them. As a result, some people expressed their fear of keeping such a dangerous pet at home.

However, there were accusations that Travis was astonished by Charla’s hair color and lost his temper. It was also said that he was on medication for Lyme disease.

Since the attack, Charla has appeared on television to share her story. She was severely injured but did not give up hope of living.

What Is Charla Nash Age?- Where Is Her Family?

Charla Nash was attacked when she was 55 years old. It has been over 15 years since the incident took place.

She is currently in her 70s. Her family had sued Sandra for $50 million compensation, alleging that she failed to keep her pet in control.

She last appeared in public in 2016 when she had a face transplant. After that, her whereabouts have been unknown, and there are no updates about the lawsuit she had filed against Connecticut alleging that officials were negligent in stopping the attack.

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