Charles “Charlie” Loudermilk Net Worth And Cause Of Death Revealed

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Charles “Charlie” Loudermilk Net Worth And Cause Of Death Revealed

Atlanta businessman and philanthropist Charles “Charlie” Loudermilk, with a net worth of around $750 million, passed away at 95.

Charles Charlie Loudermilk was an American businessman who rose from the bottom to become one of the wealthiest people in the neighborhood.

Aaron Rents, the renting company that he started with the borrowed $500 to rent metal chairs, grew exponentially in the coming years to the point that its annual revenue reached $2 billion. Besides that, he also ran other ventures which saw tremendous growth during his time.

Later, he sold his rights at Aaron’s and retired as its chairman in 2012 to start Loudermilk companies and run other businesses. He was not only a businessman, though, as he often made donations and charities to help local development. The family estimated that the man might have donated over $35 million.

The Atlanta Journal Consitution now reports that the businessman is no more after he suddenly passed away at age 95.

What Was Charles ‘Charlie’ Loudermilk Net Worth?

Charles Charlie Loudermilk had a net worth of around $750 million in 2022, as reported by Bisnow.

The website also looks at his career achievements and involvements throughout his life and mentions the man as a multi-millionaire. The Atlanta, Georgia-based businessman was serving as the CEO of Loudermilk Companies at the time of his death.

He rose to prominence as a businessman after his renting company showed immense growth throughout the decades. As the owner and majority stakeholder of the company with a multi-billion dollar turnover, it is imminent that Charles took home a hefty sum of profit for several decades.

On top of that, his other business involvements and projects also generated a good amount of money, making him one of the wealthiest personalities in Atlanta.

Charles Charlie Loudermilk Cause Of Death Explored

The American businessman Charles Charlie Loudermilk’s death cause was a stroke.

The 95-year-old personality died on Wednesday from the effects of a stroke. His son, Robert C. “Robin” Loudermilk, broke the ice about the reason behind Charles’s death while announcing his demise.

Although the details are pretty vague, it seems like the man was in his residence when he suffered a heart stroke and collapsed. Although medical help was available soon after, the man couldn’t recover and had already passed away.

Following his death, many renowned personalities and organizations have expressed their condolences and gratitude as they remember his contribution to business development in Atlanta.

Charles Charlie Loudermilk Wikipedia

While Charles Charlie Loudermilk’s Wikipedia is still missing, you can find details about him on other sites.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution¬†is one of the sites that takes a detailed look at his career and has written a timeline of his works at different stages of his life. From his initial days of leaving the Navy to help his mother’s newly purchased restaurant to starting his own company with a borrowed $500 sum, there are plenty of details to know.

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