Chris Kamara illness – What happened to the former English Footballer?

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Chris Kamara illness – What happened to the former English Footballer?

Chris Kamara, born Christopher Kamara, is a former football player and manager. The English football manager served as a presenter and football analyst from 1992 until 2022 at Sky Sports.

Fans perceived him as a tough-tackling midfielder during his time as a player. The 64-year-old former football player reportedly joined the Royal Navy at 16 before signing up to Portsmouth in 1974.

Chris Kamara’s Illness: Apraxia Of Speech

Chris Kamara revealed about his illness that he had developed a speech apraxia disorder. He announced his diagnosis in March after causing worry during an appearance on Soccer Saturday, where he appeared to slur his sentences on camera.

A 24-year veteran of Sky sports uncovered that he developed the speech disorder apraxia alongside an existing thyroid issue. His colleagues paid tribute to Kamara’s unique talents during his time on Soccer Saturday.

‘My long career at Sky Sports has never felt like work. I’ve spent 24 terrific years at Sky and leave with the best of memories,’ the former football player said after unearthing his health issues.

Jeff Stelling, Kamara’s colleague, said, ‘He was always immaculately prepared. He is known in football for his knowledge of the game.’ Everyone on the sports channel adored the presenter for his outstanding talents.

The veteran presenter previously underwent a brain scan to examine if he was developing dementia, reportedly after facing problems from what he described as brain fog. Health was Kamara’s concern during that time.

Chris uncovered experts are unconfident whether his speech will improve after admitting a speech condition leaves him looking drunk. He revealed he received health problems treatment in an oxygen chamber in May.

Football pundit Chris Kamara developed a speech disorder apraxia alongside an existing thyroid issue. His fans voiced their concern after he appeared to be facing slurred speech during a Soccer Saturday appearance in March 2022.

The ex-sportsman hailed the response of family, friends, and fans. He is acquiring treatment from a speech therapist to resolve the issue, uncovered the 24-year presenter veteran of Sky sports.

He received many concerning messages from his fans following the broadcast during a Soccer Saturday appearance in March 2022. One viewer tweeted, ‘Is Chris Kamara unwell? Very slurred speech on Sky Sports.’

Likewise, another viewer tweeted, ‘Kammy, are you, ok mate? I noticed that you’re not at your best today. And I don’t mean that offensively. If you’re struggling, please get some help or talk to someone.’

Chris Kamara Health Update Now 2022

Speaking of the former football player Chris Kamara’s health update as of 2022, he appears to be doing well with experts guiding him. He previously said, ‘Some days it can be a little slow, and some days it’s normal. Hopefully, I can beat this!’

The veteran presenter said the response of the public, family and friends to his diagnosis was incredible; however, physicians could not predict if he would recover in time.

One of his followers on Instagram wrote in his post,’ I have Apraxia as part of my functional neurological disorder that developed after COVID. I have many other symptoms, but you are inspiring.’

Furthermore, a native of Middlesbrough has yet to update about his health condition more precisely. That mentioned, manifesting sound health for Kamara and stick with us for more upgraded news surrounding his health.

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