Cold Justice: Cherry Brooks Arrested Over The Murder Charges And Crimes

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Cold Justice: Cherry Brooks Arrested Over The Murder Charges And Crimes

Is Cherry Brooks Arrested Over The Murder Charges? Charged With Killing Antagonist In A Love Triangle

Cherry Brooks’s convicted murderer case on Cold Justice covered up the 1996 tragedy of a young mother.

In 2018, the police officers arrested Cherry Brooks for the 20 years old murder case of a young Joannie Goodwin. The victim was only 18 years of age when she got brutally murdered.

With all the perplexing circumstances, the case remained at a loss for around two decades. The crime TV show Cold Justice covered up the murder story as Kelly and Steve Spingola investigated the case.

As the culprit got caught with the team’s efforts, the officers discovered a new story about the murder. Learn more about the case as the victim finally get justice after two decades.

Cherry Brooks Arrested Over The Murder Charges On Cold Justice

Cherry Brooks got arrested in 2018 in Colorado County, Texas, for the crime she committed around 20 years ago. In the same year, The crime TV series Cold Justice covered up the murder case while investigating the case.

A young and innocent mother, Joannie Goodwin’s murder case was getting cold until Kelly and Steve Spingola investigated it, doubting if the scandalous town rumors might have been the reason.

The show financially supported the investigator to solve this case. On top of that, over 5 to 6 volumes of witness interviews helped lead to the murder case.

The investigators also revealed that Brooks was a suspect for all those years; however, they were not enough evidence to further the case.

After getting arrested at 3:45 pm, she was found guilty of murdering the young teen with a shotgun. The victim lost her life while having a night out with her friends.

In the morning, Brooks reported her missing case to the police trying to cover up her crime.

This little boy was 7 months when his mother was murdered in Osage Co. 21 years later police have made an arrest in Joannie Goodwin’s cold case. Details tonight #FOX23

Where Is Cherry Brooks Now After Committing Crimes?

Cherry Brooks has been paying for her deeds now after being convicted of a crime. She got incarcerated in the Colorado County, Texas jail.

She then got deported to Osage County for the first-degree murder with a bond of $1 million. The victim was shot twice from a 12-gauge shotgun.

At the time, victim Joannie Goodwin was a teen mother with a seven-month-old son Bobby Neighbors. Also, she was facing rumors of an affair with another woman’s partner.

Goodwin was with Cherry before the tragedy in Pawhuska at a convenience store. To add up, Mike Fisher, the District Attorney, dismissed the case without prejudice after getting arrested and facing prison.

More On Cherry Brooks Jail And Charges

Chery Brooks is in jail for the charges of first-degree murder. However, there is a possibility that the murder case might be brought back in the future with it getting dismissed without prejudice.

The justice to the victim got served after two decades. Meanwhile, Brooks is currently spending her time in jail for the convicted crime while also facing a bond of $1 million.

After a thorough investigation, the team found the lead to the case, which pointed out to the culprit. She remained a suspect for all those years before getting arrested for the crime.

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