Colorado Shooting Suspect Photo Revealed – Who Was The Shooter?

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Colorado Shooting Suspect Photo Revealed – Who Was The Shooter?

Colorado shooting suspect photo was released on the internet after the shooting incident that took place just before midnight on Saturday at the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

As per the police, the name of the suspect was Alderson Lee Aldrich, who is 22 years old. They added that he entered the nightclub and began shooting at everyone.

In the mass shooting incident, five people were killed while 25 others were rushed to the hospital as they suffered from injuries.

Daniel Davis Aston, the LGBTQ nightclub’s bartender, died during the mass shooting incident. His mother, Sabrina Aston, confirmed that her son’s age was 28 at the time of his tragic death.

“He was our baby and he was our youngest. He had an older brother and they were 18 years apart,” Sabrina added.

Within a couple of days of shifting to Colorado from Arizona, he made new friends, and his mother said this was part of his personality.

Tara Bush was another victim of the mass shooting incident caused by Alderson Lee at the nightclub of LGBTQ on Saturday night.

She is currently in the hospital and says that she is feeling “OK.”

Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez said that on the night of Saturday, Alderson Lee entered the nightclub. It was found that he had a long rifle, and later, he opened fire.

In the shooting incident, he added, five people were dead, and 25 were injured. He discussed the incident and said there were two men who confronted him and got into a fight with him.

They were successful in stopping him from causing more damage, Vasquez said. He also said that two firearms were found in his possession.

Apart from the shooting incident, let’s discuss whether the police released the Colorado Shooting suspect photo.

Viewers were recently surfing the internet to find out if there were any pictures of Alderson Lee Aldrich. As per the police, there are no pictures shared by them until now, as the investigation is still under process.

It was found that Aldrich is charged with five counts of a bias-motivated crime and five counts of first-degree murder for having a connection to the mass shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night.

As per the police, he was under custody and taken to the hospital for some treatment. The police said that the officers did not shoot Alderson Lee during his arrest.

Officer Vasquez recently shared a statement in which he discussed talking to Aldrich in the hospital. He said that Aldrich has not shared any statement with them.

Vasquez said, “I haven’t heard that he has not been cooperative, just simply that he has determined not to speak to investigators.”

He added Aldrich would be facing charges ahead when he is released from the hospital after his treatment.

When Was the Colorado Shooting Suspect Arrested?
The police said they received a 911 call from a person who claimed that there had been a shooting incident at the LGBTQ nightclub on Saturday night.

The call about the shooting was made around 11:56 PM, and the police added that their dispatch team was sent at 11:57 PM.

The first officer arrived at the incident spot at midnight. They said that two firearms were found in the suspect’s possession.

Officer Vasquez was asked by a CNN report about the weapons during an interview. He said that there was a long rifle of an AR-style weapon and a handgun.

The New York Times was told by the club’s owners the suspect arrived at the nightclub wearing a military-style flak jacket and heavily armed. He added that the suspect immediately opened fire in the club.

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