Dateline: Michael Oakes, Who Killed Mark Stover?

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Dateline: Michael Oakes, Who Killed Mark Stover?

Nationally reputed dog trainer Mark Stover was shot to death in 2009 and thought to be killed by his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Michael Oakes.

Before his death, Mark had high-profile clients, including former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Mariners slugger Ichiro Suzuki. He grew up on Mercer Island and was undoubtedly an experienced psychotherapist and instructor of dogs.

Let’s check this article to find more details about the high-profile case.

Dateline: Michael Oakes, Who Killed Mark Stover?

After the vicious murder of a dog trainer, Mark, judges in 2010 found Michiel Oakes culpable of murdering Stove.

The upcoming episode of Dateline: Unforgettable will be more interesting to watch; the viewers expect it to cover up the mystery of the dog trainer’s murder incident; his body has not been discovered thus far.

One of the reasons for Northwest’s dog trainer murder was believed to be a fractured love story between Mark Stover and Linda Opdycke.

Mark used to coach dogs at the 100-acre property where he lived with his former wife, Linda Opdycke. Island Dog Adventure was one of the most reputed dog training institutes, which include behavior learning, puppy training, and discipline.

Stover had more than 30 years of experience in this, and high-profile personalities acknowledged his work. On October 28, 2009, his missing case was filed as he did not appear at work.

This is not the first time that Stover has been at the forefront. He was famous before and covered by several media for his exceptional training. Before he came into the canine business, his name was different, Ted Balarude, who was an inexperienced and nervous wreck.

An unfortunate marriage and blackmailing led him to his death, and the country lost an honorable dog trainer; what was worse than that?

What Happened To Michael Oakes And Mark Stover ?

After a missing report had been filed for a nationally reputed dog trainer, Mark, Skagit County deputies searched and discovered his dog, Dingo, covered with blood.

Dingo was wounded and felt like someone attacked him while doing another crime. Unfortunately, they could not find the mark or his body. Dingo was devoted to his master, and she would have done anything to save the life of her master if possible.

Investigators suspect that the reason behind the 57 years old Mark’s murder was his divorce from his wife Opdycke a few years ago. The mystery remains unsolved, and Stover’s body was never found.

The 41 years old Michael was arrested and convicted of Stover’s murder, and the case remains under inspection. Even after his arrest, he did not open his mouth about Mark’s body.

Some sources reported the dead body of the trainer was found, but the official announcement has not been made yet. Also, Dateline explained that his body had never been discovered and believed that these cruel people had done really brutal with Mark.

Mark Stover Ex-Wife Linda

After Michael’s arrest, the jury assumed that it was an intentional murder preplanned by Linda and her boyfriend.

A daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman, Linda was also believed to be involved in this case as she went through a miserable divorce with mark. An innocent man with a pure heart left this world from the aggressiveness of cruel people.

Even after the divorce, Mark would stalk his ex-wife, but his family said he had moved on and was concerned about his profession.

Some part of this case is still to be revealed, and it possibly was Michael Oakes who murdered him gruesomely.

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