Dateline: Who Was Anton Black Of Maryland? Age At Death And Parents Now

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Dateline: Who Was Anton Black Of Maryland? Age At Death And Parents Now

In Greensboro, Caroline County, two years ago, Anton Black died due to the crushing force of three police officers holding him down. Below, you may read additional information about Black’s parents.

After discussing their son’s situation with Dateline reporter Lester Holt, Anton Black’s parents are currently trending in the media.

The postmortem report from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner states that Black died on September 15, 2018, from a “sudden cardiac death,” which was most likely brought on by a run-in with police.

Before Gov. Larry Hogan authorized its release, the family was wrongfully kept from seeing the incident’s police body camera footage, the complaint claims.

Who Was Anton Black Of Maryland?

Anton Black was an aspiring actor and model as well as a former star athlete at North Caroline High School.

Antone Black said that his son was one of the state’s fastest kids. His father loved to see his son run.

He was open to all possibilities and had his entire life ahead of him, including his desires to pursue modeling, acting, and enlisting in the military.

But he was unable to play the lead in his first movie. The 19 years boy was murdered before his wish came true.

According to Ravenell and Black’s family, the involved cops were on top of Black’s body for at least six minutes, obstructing his ability to breathe.

Anton Black Age At Death: How Old Was He?

At the time of his death, Anton Black was 19 years old.

According to, he died on September 15, 2018, and suffered from sudden cardiac death.

He was given the go-ahead to appear in New York Fashion Week as well as for designers from California, Washington, and New York.

He continuously practiced his lines with his father acting as a sounding board before landing a movie role.

Anton Black Parents And Sister

His parents are Antone Black, his father, and Janell Black, his mother.

The shooting of a Black child in September 2018 in a town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore following a skirmish with police has given rise to a federal lawsuit.

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Anton Black’s mother, Katyra Boyce, father, Jennell, and Antone Black by the Coalition for Justice for Anton Black.

The allegation made by Black’s family that the police used excessive force on Black is not proven by body camera footage of Black’s interaction with the police.

The medical examiners concluded that there was no evidence linking Black’s passing to the police’s “restraint.”

Regarding the question of whether police used the proper amount of force in their interactions with Black, Antone asserted that a fair jury “may reach more than one result.”

LaToya Holley, his older sister, says Anton was a caring sibling. She eagerly anticipated his entering his 30s since then he would be able to relate to his older sister better and they could hang out more frequently.

Why Was  Anton Black Killed?

Police used excessive force on Anton Black, laying him out flat on his stomach for about six minutes, lying on top of him for about five minutes after he was handcuffed, and folding his legs up towards the sky in a way that made it harder for him to breathe.

The parents of Anton Black will speak with host Lester Holt on Friday’s brand-new episode of Dateline at 10/9c about their son’s death.

The Dateline segment focused on what happened to Anton when he was being taken into jail after being apprehended in his front doorway by numerous police officers and a bystander.

In the one-hour documentary What Happened to Anton Black? Thomas Webster, the officer, looks at the red flags that appeared in the Maryland hamlet of Greensboro, where he first started pursuing Black.

Webster had no idea that Black and the other youngster had known each other for years until he received a 911 call claiming that Black had been dragging a boy down the street.

The parents and sister of Anton are shown in the program talking about how their son died after being detained on his front doorstep by Webster, two other police officers, and a bystander.

Anton’s father revealed to Holt that his son didn’t “attack” anyone or “rob a bank.”

By comparing the deaths of George Floyd and Black, as well as the fact that the same chief medical examiner looked at both cases, Dateline exposes the similarities between the two deaths.

Like Floyd, Black’s narrative touched many of the lines of contention in the contentious debate about American police and motivated a neighborhood to demand justice.

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