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David Kozak shooter dead, The terrorist from the University of Prague shooting

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David Kozak shooter dead, The terrorist from the University of Prague shooting

The individual involved in the tragic incident at Prague University has been identified as David Kozak, according to media reports. Preliminary information suggests that he shot three people and injured 20 others before taking his own life.

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Czech police have confirmed a shooting at Prague University, resulting in multiple casualties and injuries. Eyewitness Leo Menindez described the chaotic scene on Charles Bridge, where the sounds of police and ambulances were followed by gunshots, causing panic among people.

The incident took place in a university building, and swift police action led to the elimination of the assailant. The building was evacuated promptly. Updates on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) indicated several casualties and numerous injuries. Czech media reported the incident at the Faculty of Art, with faculty members and students securing themselves inside the building.

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Interior Minister Vit Rakusan stated that there is no evidence of additional shooters, emphasizing the importance of following police instructions. The area has been closed off, and residents are advised to stay indoors.

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