Debra Jeter Death And Daughter Kiersten Jeter Netflix Documentary Case Dateline

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Debra Jeter Death And Daughter Kiersten Jeter Netflix Documentary Case Dateline

On June 5, 2009, Kiersten Jeter was attacked by her mother, Debra Jeter, in a run-down house close to Hillsboro off of I-77, and she managed to survive with severe wounds.

Because it was established that Debra was accountable for her daughters’ deaths, she was given a life sentence in jail without the chance of release.

As a result of the plea agreement, her daughter was not compelled to give a deposition in court, and the family was spared the threat of the death penalty. There have been a lot of signs that there may be danger over several years.

For many years, there have been red flags. In 2004, Debra Jeter was charged with violently abusing her older daughter Kiersten; however, the charges were eventually dropped after Debra Jeter received mental health treatment.

Debra Jeter’s Death And Daughter Kiersten Jeter’s Case Netflix Documentary

After nearly ten years, Debra calmly informed the dispatcher that she had killed her children. Previously during the historically horrific 911 call. The call was notorious for horrifying, and the incident is being documented on Netflix.

The roughness of this call has earned it a well-deserved reputation. The catastrophe that occurred on June 5, 2009, left Kierstan, who was 13 years old at the time, fighting for her life, while Kelsey, who was 12 years old at the time, perished as a result of the incident.

Like this, she lured her daughters into an abandoned farmhouse near Interstate 35 on the day of their visitation. So that she might see her daughters, this was done. The girls eagerly followed their mother into the house, unaware of the awful and evil preparations their mother had devised for them.

Debra showed the kids the surprise she had brought with her after getting them into the building by pulling a knife from her bag and showing it to them. The first victim of Debra’s assault was Kierstan, but she summoned the fortitude to warn her sister to flee so they could both be safe.

Debra Jeter Terrifying Story

Debra assaulted Kierstan first, and Kierstan bravely shouted for her sister to go. After that, Debra moved on to Kelsey from Kierstan. Kiersten attempted to protect her sister but was stabbed in the back.

Debra persisted in slicing Kelsey’s throat, leaving a deadly wound. Debra returned to Kierstan, who had purposely cut her throat while terrified and seriously hurt. Four hours earlier, Debra had just picked up the two youngsters.

Debra brought her two girls to an abandoned house off Interstate 77 just before Route 35 in Milford after she was discharged from the hospital. Reports state that Jeter stabbed Kiersten to start the attack. As she struggled with her mother, Kiersten begged for her sibling to flee.

As she was defending her sister, Kiersten was stabbed in the back. Debra slit Kelsey’s neck, leaving her to die miserably in the bathtub of the abandoned home. Debra returned to Kiersten and slashed her across the channel, cutting a vital artery and her airway.

Debra Jeter’s Relationship Issue With Her Husband Started This Drama

The recent divorce of Debra Jeter’s husband, Lee Jeter, devastated her. Since Lee had begun divorce proceedings, Debra was involved in a heated custody battle for their two children, Kiersten and Kelsey.

The day following, On May 21, 2009, Mother’s Day, she attempted suicide while spending the day with her two small daughters at home because she could not bear the thought of losing her husband and her kids.

Lee was worried enough to request a restraining order against Debra when he noticed her struggle, afraid for the first time for the security of their children.

The day after Debra’s aborted suicide attempt and less than three weeks after the restraining order was lifted, the courts gave her unsupervised visitation.

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