Details On Family & Facebook Of Muhammad Syed, The Albuquerque Shooting Suspect

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Details On Family & Facebook Of Muhammad Syed, The Albuquerque Shooting Suspect

The possibility of a connection between three killings between November and August was first made public by Albuquerque police last Thursday. A fourth Muslim truck driver was shot and killed the next day, further heightening concerns in a community where many refugees and immigrants claimed they had previously felt safe.

Authorities in Albuquerque have captured a key suspect, 51-year-old Muhammad Syed, in the recent murders of at least two of four Muslim males. Using bullet casings discovered at the two incidents, detectives were able to link the two crimes.

People are curious to know the details of the shootout as well as the motive behind it.

Muhammad Syed Family And Facebook

Muhammad Syed is a Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan.

He was detained on Tuesday as the main suspect in the deaths of four Muslim men who were killed repeatedly.  The suspect may have targeted at least two of the victims out of hatred that his daughter had wed someone who belonged to the other major branch of Islam.

More details regarding his family are yet to be unfolded. Thus, at the moment, no information regarding his family and their whereabouts is known.

Albuquerque Shooting Suspect Muhammad Syed Arrested

Two Muslim men were killed on Tuesday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a 51-year-old Afghan man was charged with their murders. In addition, investigators claimed he was suspected of the deaths of two other men, whose murders spread panic among Muslim communities nationally.

Both Mr. Hussein and Mr. Hussain were slain on July 26 and August 1, respectively. Both of them were Pakistani and belonged to the same mosque. The other two victims were Afghan national Mohammad Zaher Ahmadi, 62, who was assassinated in November, and Naeem Hussain, who was killed on August 5.

A day after being taken into custody, Muhammad Syed’s arrest was officially reported.

The vehicle thought to have been involved in one of the killings in the biggest city in New Mexico was found, the police chief announced on Twitter. The Muslim community in the city provided information to investigators that led them to Syed, who entered the country recently. About 110 miles east of Albuquerque, at Santa Rosa, along Interstate 40, he was stopped and taken into custody.

President Joe Biden expressed concern over the killings by stating that they have no place in America.

They also caused a tremor in Muslim communities, as some people began to worry about their personal safety and restrict their travels.

When informed of the news, Muhammad Imtiaz Hussain, the brother of one of the victims, Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, expressed relief but demanded additional information on the culprit and the reason behind the attack.

Muhammad Syed Motive: Why Did He Kill The Muslim Men?

The police reported on Tuesday that they had detained a man who identified himself as a Muslim and who they believe may have targeted at least two of the victims out of resentment that his daughter had married a member of the other major branch of Islam.

Despite being aware of it and having discovered evidence that an interpersonal conflict may have contributed to the shootings, police officials acknowledged they were not yet certain if a disagreement over marriage was the only motive.

Uncertainty persisted regarding Mr. Syed’s motivation and the specifics of his connections to the victims as well as those of the victims with one another. Police, however, kept looking into how they came into contact before the shootings.

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