Ethel Briggs and Ernest Death, What Happened To Raymond Briggs Parents? Obituary From 1971

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Ethel Briggs and Ernest Death, What Happened To Raymond Briggs Parents? Obituary From 1971

Following legendary author Raymond Briggs’ death, netizens became curious about his parents, who died in the same year in 1971. Did they die of natural causes or in an accident? Let’s find out!

Ethel Briggs and Ernest Briggs were the parents of Raymond Briggs, a British illustrator, cartoonist, and author.

Their son is a two-time Kate Greenaway Medals winner, a two-time British Book Award winner, and a one-time Horn Book Award winner. During his career, Raymond wrote and illustrated many great artworks, including The Bear, The Snowman, Ethel & Ernest, Ug, and more.

The veteran author Raymond recently passed away at the age of 88 at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. His cause of death was identified as pneumonia.

What Happened To Raymond Briggs Parents? Ethel Briggs And Ernest Briggs Death 1971

Raymond Briggs’s parents, i.e. father Ernest and mother Ethel Briggs, died only a few months apart in 1971.

As per Mirror, both of his parents lost their lives to cancer. But, the type of cancer they both suffered from was not announced to the media.

Reportedly, his mother Ernest died first, and nine months later, his father too passed away.

Raymond’s parents Ethel and Ernest were married in 1930 and had their only child, Raymond, four years later in 1934. Briggs’ father was a milkman by profession; whereas, his mother was a maid-turned-housewife.

Raymond was around 37 years old when both of his parents died in the same year.

Raymond Briggs Family Story: How Did His Wife Die?

Apart from his parents’ death, Briggs also witnessed the passing of his two more loved ones.

He lost his wife Jean Briggs in 1973 after only two years of losing his parents. Jean’s cause of death was established as leukemia. The couple was only married for 10 years before the tragedy struck.

Raymond Briggs, the author-illustrator best-known for his 1978 classic The Snowman, has died at the age of 88. In 1974, he described how his illustrations take shape while discussing his picture book, Father Christmas, on The Book Programme.

Similarly, Raymond bid farewell to his partner Liz in October 2015, who passed away due to Parkinson’s disease.

More on his family, Briggs never became a father despite maintaining multiple relationships over the years. He is survived by two stepchildren named Tom and Clare, along with three grandchildren.

Further, as he was the only child of his parents, Briggs didn’t have any siblings growing up. Also, he spent the last years of his life alone as he didn’t have any biological children.

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