Family and Friends Look For Tennessee Pre Med Student Bryce Evans After He Went Missing In North Carolina

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Family and Friends Look For Tennessee Pre Med Student Bryce Evans After He Went Missing In North Carolina

Bryce Evans North Carolina Missing, Tennessee Pre Med Student Details – Was He Found?

On his way from Knoxville to North Carolina, a young med student, Bryce Evans from Tennessee, went missing on July 31 in North Carolina.

Bryce’s friends, family, and everyone who has seen the missing person news are coming together as a community to expand the search for the young man through the internet.

You can find more details about the missing med student and updates on the missing report.

Bryce Evans, a 23-year-old medical student studying at the University of Tennessee, went missing on July 31 on his way to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Knoxville.

The young man was last heard from at 1 pm on Sunday with his last location near Cherokee, North Carolina. Evans’s friends and family tried to call the med student but with his phone turned off, no information on his whereabouts is known.

Bryce’s parents filed missing persons report in Knox County, while his sister, Analiese Evans, posted on Facebook with pictures of her brother, hoping to find him with the help of others in the area, writing,

“My brother Bryce has been missing since Sunday; no one has seen or heard from him since 1 pm on the 31st. Please, if you know anything or have talked to or seen him, reach out to my family or me.”

Who Is Bryce Evans? Tennessee Pre Med Student Details

Bryce Evans is a young med student studying at the University of Tennessee, weighing 185 pounds and standing tall at 6 feet and 3 inches.

He was driving a 2017 Grey Nissan Altima from Knoxville to Charlotte with the plate number 4LO-8L5. Bryce has a tattoo of an astronaut on his right upper arm, which would make it easier for people to spot him.

According to one of Evans’s seniors, the young medic recently had a personal setback, but this behavior is not normal for Bryce. He needed to report to a lab on Monday for his school work, so he would have notified someone if he was not turning up.

His friends and family are concerned for the young man and are trying to find him safe and sound.

Was The Missing Tennessee Student Found?

The Tennessee missing student, Bryce Evans, is still missing, and neighbors, family, friends, and even strangers on the internet are sharing the news of him missing with hopes of someone turning up with some information.

Although his last known location was in Cherokee, his friends and seniors suspect that he might have gone further down to Charlotte and are requesting people around that area to keep an eye out for a young man in his early 20s with light brown hair and 6 inches 3 feet tall.

Despite his parents filing a missing person’s report at the Knox County police, there have been no new developments, and no further clues about young Bryce have surfaced.

Authorities have not yet confirmed if the young man is taking time off from everyone to deal with some personal stuff alone or if something tragic happened during the past four days of his missing.

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