Hairy Bikers cancer, Whats happened to Dave Myers? is dead or still alive?

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Hairy Bikers cancer, Whats happened to Dave Myers? is dead or still alive?

Celebrity Hairy Bikers Dave Myers announced that his cancer treatment was effective. He stated that he received chemotherapy.

The TV chef shared on his podcast Silver Wine Question Time that he was diagnosed with cancer in May 2022. Since then, he has discussed his health openly and revealed that his chemotherapy is going well. He also stated on his show with life-long partner Si King that King had been diagnosed with cancer as well.

Speaking to Kate, the 64-year-old complained about side effects from his treatment he described as ‘unpleasant’. Additionally, he mentioned bizarre childhood cravings as a result of his treatment.

The chemo removed the tumor, but its side effects are what worried her. She said, “The biggest problem with chemotherapy is how it affects you. Fortunately, though, it seems to be working.” The constant lack of sleep due to my irritated eyes because of lost eyelashes is really irritating.

Si King replied, “It’s annoying! I keep coughing and limping to make myself feel better in order to make my brother feel better.” Anyone who watches their loved one struggle through hard times is certainly having a difficult time themselves. They could even be as tough as old boots.

Dave responded to his friend with the statement, “I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemy. Once I get through this, I will never whine about anything again. I will love life and embrace everything it gives me.”

While watching previous episodes of The Hairy Bikers with his co-host Si, the TV chef claims he’s unable to eat garlic or He says this is because he’s trying to regain his appetite after reminiscing about all the overseas adventures he’s been on with Si. The smell is unbearable; it’s as if the entire room went belly-up.

Dave mentioned after his cancer treatment that he lost his sense of taste. Since beginning chemotherapy, he’s had unusual cravings.

Dave announced his diagnosis in May and stated that he wouldn’t be able to film any episodes of Hairy Bikers in 2022. He also stated that he hadn’t had Vimto — a British drink — in eight years. Additionally, Dave admitted that he always craved cottage pie when he was homesick.

He recently announced that his cancer diagnosis yielded a positive prognosis. He went on to say, “I’m going to be fine.”

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