Hodan Hashi Video Twitter Depicted Her Brutal Murder Leaves Internet In Agony

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Hodan Hashi Video Twitter Depicted Her Brutal Murder Leaves Internet In Agony

Hodan hashi twitter video of a bar brawl is quite popular online. A woman was fatally stabbed numerous times in the neck.

According to the authorities, Paige Theriault-Fisher is accused of killing 23-year-old Hodan Hashi.

The framing and reduction of her murder to a bar brawl makes the racism and misogyny implicated in it acceptable.

Paige is accused of manslaughter following a fight that occurred early on Saturday at Saskatoon’s Crazy Cactus Pub.

Police say the investigation is still open. Despite the police not naming them in their news release, the victim and suspect have been identified in online posts as Hodan Hashi and Paige Theriault-Fisher, respectively.

According to Bre McAdam of The Star Phoenix, Paige Theriault-Fisher had her first court appearance on November 7.

The prosecution opposed her release, and according to McAdam, a bail hearing was planned for November 10 that day.

According to an eyewitness who spoke with CBC, it is evident that Hodan Hashi was hurt when she fell onto the glass-covered floor.

Other witnesses testified that security didn’t intervene in the brawl until the DJ made an announcement about it over the speaker.

Someone triggered the fire alarm, causing everyone to flee the area.

What did the video depict?

The 23-year-old Hodan Hashi passed away on Sunday, November 6, 2022, at around three in the morning at LIT Nightclub.

Since then, a video of Hashi’s violent murder in a nightclub in Saskatoon, Canada, has gone viral online, upsetting internet users.

In the trending video, two ladies can be seen wrestling with one another as the audience stands by and does not interfere.

Hodan Hashi was seen collapsing on the ground at one point as one of them repeatedly hit the other in the face and neck while hitting her head against the floor.

The two women were still fighting on the ground. A pool of blood eventually formed, and it was discovered to be Hodan Hashi’s.

According to sources, authorities and paramedics allegedly tried to save Hodan Hashi’s life, but Hashi was pronounced dead at the site.

As soon as the young woman’s video went viral on social media, people immediately flocked to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

A few online users expressed their dismay that the issue did not receive enough attention from news outlets. Meanwhile, others voiced alarm about the graphic killing’s viral video on social media sites.

‘Death isn’t entertainment,‘ as one Twitter user stated.

The police released an official statement

Fisher’s charges have been dropped, according to a recent police announcement, after a preliminary probe into the murder.

The victim and Fisher were acquainted before their encounter at the club, according to the police.

Law enforcement has requested that people turn in any video taken on their cell phones to aid the investigation.

In their statement, the Saskatoon Police Department also mentioned that they had been in regular communication with Hodan Hashi’s family and had access to further support through victim services.

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