How Did Debra Jeter Die? Netflix Movie 2022 Related To Case And Survived Daughter Kiersten Details

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How Did Debra Jeter Die? Netflix Movie 2022 Related To Case And Survived Daughter Kiersten Details

Debra Jeter is the name soaring name on the Internet. She was found guilty of murdering both of her daughters and was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The plea agreement spared her daughter from testifying in court and prevented the possibility of the death penalty. For several years, there have been warning signs.

In 2004, Debra Jeter was charged with physically abusing her older daughter, Kiersten, but the allegations were dropped after Debra Jeter received mental health treatment. In May 2009, Lester Lee Jeter filed divorce papers with the court against his wife Debra for an unspecified reason. Let’s read further to unlock her whole story.

Debra Jeter Wiki

Debra Jeter is a 33-year-old American living in Texas. She belongs to white ethnicity; nevertheless, her parents’ identities have not been disclosed.

The divorce of Debra Jeter’s husband, Lee Jeter, devasted her. Debra was embroiled in a contentious custody dispute over their two young daughters, Kiersten and Kelsey, as Lee had begun divorce proceedings.

The day after Mother’s Day, on May 21, 2009, she attempted her life while at home with her two young daughters and could not bear the idea of losing her husband and her children.

As the first significant indication that Debra was struggling, Lee was alarmed enough to ask for a restraining order against her out of concern that she might hurt their children

In less than three weeks after receiving a restraining order was lifted and just one day after Debra’s suicide attempt, the courts granted her unsupervised visitation.

Debra Jeter’s Netflix Movie Of Incident

In the infamously harrowing 911 call, Debra calmly informed the dispatcher that she had killed her children almost ten years prior. On June 5, 2009, a tragedy occurred that resulted in the death of 12-year-old Kelsey, and 13-year-old Kierstan was fighting for her life.

Similarly, the same day she picked up her daughters for visitation by luring them into an abandoned farmhouse off Interstate 35. Unaware of their mother’s terrible, perverse plans, the girls eagerly followed her into the house.

In detail, Debra pulled a knife out to reveal the surprise she had with her once she brought the children inside the structure. Debra attacked Kierstan first; however, Kierstan was brave enough to yell for her sister to leave. After that, Debra moved on to Kelsey from Kiersten.

Even though she was stabbed in the back, Kierstan attempted to protect her sister. Debra persisted in slashing Kelsey’s throat, leaving a fatal wound. Afterward, Debra returned to Kierstan, who had purposefully slit her throat while terrified and seriously hurt.

It was just four hours later when Jeter had picked up her kids.

Debra Jeter’s Family: Where Is Her Daughter Kiersten Jeter Now?

Since the childhood incident, Kiersten Jeter has steered clear of the media. She vividly remembers the horrible specifics of the date that occurred 12 years ago. She’s between the ages of 24 and 25 right now.

As aforementioned, Debra drove her two daughters to an abandoned house after she was discharged from the hospital. Following the attack, Kiersten was taken to the hospital for an urgent procedure after being found in the bedroom of the Debra-Jeter abandoned home.

Debra defended her despicable actions by saying she was “heartbroken” due to her divorce and child custody dispute. Her surviving daughter, Kiersten, was spared from testifying in court because of the plea agreement, averting the possibility of a death sentence.

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