Is Aiden Fucci In Jail After Sentencing? Tristyn Bailey Story What Happened?

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Is Aiden Fucci In Jail After Sentencing? Tristyn Bailey Story What Happened?

Is Aiden Fucci In Jail After Sentencing? Tristyn Bailey Story What Happened?

Aiden Fucci was arrested for stabbing Tristyn Bailey multiple times. He is currently in jail as he waits for his trial.

A 15-year-old, Aiden Fucci, is facing a first-degree murder charge for stabbing 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey in March 2021. According to her autopsy report, the victim died on the scene as she was stabbed around 114 times.

Fucci, who was 14 at the time, was the last person Bailey was with. The two were caught on the street on CCTV footage just hours before the incident. Before the tragedy, he had informed his friends that he would kill someone in the next 30 days.

The 14-year-old was tried as an adult and charged with first-degree murder. His mother was also charged with evidence tampering.

Dateline: Is Aiden Fucci Still In Jail After Sentencing?

Aiden Fucci is still in jail despite pleading not guilty in June 2021.

Fucci was arrested on May 10 and was held at the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Daytona Beach. He was later transported to St. Johns County by the Sheriff’s Office for his first appearance on an upgraded first-degree murder charge.

Moreover, his trial hearing was scheduled for August 5. During the hearing, the 15-year-old asked to move up his trial date. The circuit judge didn’t pass up any decision regarding the topic. The next pre-trial hearing is scheduled for August 19.

St. Johns County Courthouse’s Circuit Judge Lee Smith will probably move the trial date to early 2023 as requested by the suspect.

However, the trial is currently scheduled to start on November 7. Still, Public Defender Rosemarie Peoples, representing Fucci, told Smith that at least 47 more witnesses must be interviewed and that she is also working on another felony case in nearby Putnam County.

The Story of Tristyn Bailey: What Happened To The Teenager?

Tristyn Bailey was found dead on May 9, 2022, on Mother’s Day. She was stabbed 114 times.

Two people, believed to be Tristyn Bailey and Aiden Fucci, were seen walking together on 1: 14 AM. Around two hours later, video footage showed Fucci going inside his home.

On the same day evening, a person called 911 to report a dead body in the woods east of the cul-de-sac on Saddlestone Drive. The next day,  Investigators searched Fucci’s home, finding a Buck brand knife sheath, a pair of wet, white Nike shoes with blood on them, and a T-shirt with blood on it.

Moreover, they also find Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, trying to get blood out of his clothes. She was also arrested for evidence tampering.

Aiden Fucci Sentence: Will He Get Death Penalty?

Aiden Fucci won’t get the death penalty even if he is convicted because of his age.

However, the 15-year-old is tried as an adult and charged with first-degree murder. He will probably be sentenced to life if the jury finds him guilty. Speaking of which, the jury selection in his case is still ongoing.

The trial is scheduled for November 7 but there is a good chance it may be postponed.

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