Is George Trepal Still In Prison? Peggy Carr Murder And Poisoning Case

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Is George Trepal Still In Prison? Peggy Carr Murder And Poisoning Case

George Trepal was arrested and sentenced to death for the murder of Peggy Carr. Is he still in prison?

On October 15, 1988, a Florida resident, Peggy Carr, died of thallium poisoning. A few months after the tragedy, her neighbor, George Trepal, was arrested for her murder. He also poisoned the other six members of the Carr family, who, fortunately, received the treatment.

Two years after his arrest, Trepal’s trial began in 1991. He was tried for the death sentence, and on March 6, 1991, a jury found him guilty of the murder of Penny Carr. As a result, he was given a death sentence. The convict is already 73 years old and still hasn’t received his punishment.

Is George Trepal Still In Jail? Death Sentence In Peggy Carr Murder Case

George Trepal is still in jail as his death sentence is yet to go through.

Moreover, his lawyers argued in the Appeals court to overturn his verdict. According to them, the evidence in his case wasn’t handled properly. It was based on a 1997 federal report criticizing the testing of evidence in the FBI’s crime lab. The report specifically questioned a secondary round of testing on Coca-Cola bottles.

The reports said the thallium was laced with cola bottles that caused Peggy Carr’s death. The 41-year-old died after removing from life support in 1988. However, the Appeals court refused Trepal’s efforts to overturn the verdict.

The 73-year-old is still in jail and waiting for his execution. The victim’s family is frustrated as they think they have been denied justice by keeping him alive. Netizens started a social media movement to execute Trepal once.

Peggy Carr Murder Case: What Happened?

Peggy Carr died in 1988 after she was taken off life support.

In October of 1988, Carr began to suffer from a mysterious illness.  She was admitted to the hospital and remained there for several days before being discharged.  After discharge, Peggy’s condition worsened, and she was readmitted to the hospital.

As a result, the doctors weren’t able to pinpoint the disease. But when the other members of the Carr family exhibited similar symptoms, they connected the symptoms to thallium poisoning.

Following her demise, the investigators concluded that the source of thallium poisoning was coca cola bottles. Later, they found several coca-cola bottles along with chemistry equipment in possession of George Trepal.

Furthermore, Trepal was a chemist who worked in the production of amphetamine. He was even arrested for the production of meth once.

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Peggy Carr Children And Family: Are They Alive?

Peggy Carr was the only dead victim of thallium positioning then.

However, every other member of her family, including Peggy’s daughters and granddaughter, were also positioned by George Trepal. However, the doctors knew about the poisoning early and could treat them.

The family is still alive and urging the authorities to set up an execution date.

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