Is Kurt Caz Still Missing In 2022? Where Is He Today? Is He Dead?

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Is Kurt Caz Still Missing In 2022? Where Is He Today? Is He Dead?

Kurt Caz is a popular social media personality and travel vlogger from South Africa. He keeps trip diaries and posts them on his YouTube channel. He manages a well-liked YouTube channel with the same name with more than a million subscribers.

On his YouTube channel, travel vlogs by Kurt Caz are well-known. Kurtz is quickly rising to fame on YouTube thanks to his viral hits like “Avoid This Naughty Street In Medellin!” and “Venezuelan Girl Takes Me Into Her Hood, Petare.

Within a few months of their upload, each of his videos has amassed millions of views. However, after a small break from Youtube, people are concerned that he has again gone missing. Let’s find out.

Is Kurt Caz Still Missing In 2022?

Kurt Caz is not missing; five days ago, he updated his fans on YouTube by uploading new videos. “Caught by The Secret Service in Caracas, Venezuela” was the title of the video he posted.

Caz’s first trip gave him the inspiration for creating travel vlogs in general. He traveled to Southern Africa for the first time with his father and brother. He thoroughly enjoyed the vacation and had a desire to travel more.

He was inspired by Harald Baldr, who was bald and broke, to make travel videos. Kurt viewed their videos and yearned to copy them. He was now visiting several locations throughout Europe.

He could travel to neighboring nations on a budget and produce quality material because the airline prices were significantly lower. So he decided to try trip vlogs, and fortunately, it was successful for him.

On March 13, 2016, he launched his YouTube channel. Before finding inspiration in Harald Baldr, he had already started producing travel videos. All of those videos, however, fell short of expectations.

In September 2019, he began producing videos once more. Before returning to South Africa, he published a few films while he was in Europe. He made the decision to travel to Egypt with all of his savings one lovely day, which drastically transformed his life. He took a lot of video recordings while he was in Egypt.

Where Is Kurtz Caz Today?

Kurtz Caz is traveling around the world, and he updates his fans about his whereabouts by uploading a Youtube video. In the last upload, he was visiting Venezuela.

In March 2021, his channel reached 100k subscribers, and in that time, it practically climbed ten times. He currently has 1.11 million or more subscribers.

He began to amass a sizable following after his Europe travel films went viral. He received many subscribers and millions of views for his entire Egypt series.

Caz’s net worth is 200k(estimated). YouTube is his primary source of revenue. He earns a respectable living as a full-time YouTuber by posting videos on the platform.

Every month, his channel receives between 5 and 10 million views. Our calculations show that he earns $12,000 in advertising revenue each month. By collaborating with brands, he might increase his earnings.

He rarely advertises any brands on his channel, though. He also makes some money on the side. His supporters donate to him using a Patreon account. Additionally, subscribers receive extra content in return.

He currently earns $500 and $1,000 monthly through this platform. He posts condensed versions of his YouTube videos to his Instagram profile. His videos do well on social media since they receive a few million views monthly.

Is Kurt Caz Dead?

Kurt Caz is not dead. Instead, he returned to YouTube after an absence of about a month. Inside The Dominican Republic’s Most Dangerous Hood, his most watched video has received over 10 million views.

In the little hamlet of Plettenberg, Kurt Caz’s parents gave birth to him and raised him there. He hasn’t yet disclosed his parents’ names or any other information about them.

He wishes to keep his personal information private. But we do know he has a brother. Additionally, his brother and father have both appeared in past YouTube videos.

He is single and not married. He disapproves of having a girlfriend as well. He is a single man who is exploring several nations. He is currently more concerned with developing his social media career. He might, however, have had a past relationship.

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