Jaclyn Hill Ex: Jon Hill Obituary & Death Cause – What Happened To Him? Age Details

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Jaclyn Hill Ex: Jon Hill Obituary & Death Cause – What Happened To Him? Age Details

Who Was Jon Hill? Jaclyn Hill Ex Obituary And Death Cause Revealed

Jon Hill, a drummer and the ex-husband of Jaclyn Hill, died at age 33 on August 10, 2022.

Andrew Jonathan Hill, aka Jon, was a musican and acknowledged publicly as the ex-husband of entrepreneur Jaclyn. Through social media, Jaclyn announced the death of her ex-partner and asked for some privacy on this matter.

In the career phase, the musician was supportive of his wife. Jaclyn collaborated with BECCA, an Australian cosmetics brand, to release a ‘Champagne Pop’ cosmetic product in 2015.

According to American entrepreneur Jaclyn, Jon’s family wants to keep his death cause a private matter. The internet personality shared the post of her ex-husband’s demise on her Instagram story and Twitter after the request of his parents.

Nonetheless, the case of the Hill had been taken as a secretive concern. He was dealing with drug addiction which may be his death. Even the reason for separating these two love birds was his addiction.

Just two months ago, Jaclyn stated on her social media story while getting asked by her followers about her ex-spouse a lot. She had mentioned the internet personality does not want to be involved in Jon and his family issues.

However, Jaclyn mentioned that Jon wasn’t doing well and didn’t even have a phone anymore. After hearing this news of his demise is heartbreaking for all his followers, friend and colleagues.

It is the worst-case scenario for anyone who has a loved one struggling with addiction. People have prayed for the drummer and hope he finds some peace.

Jon Hill Died at Age 33

Hill was a drummer who lost his life at age 33 on August 10, 2022. His ex-wife, Jaclyn, declared the musician’s death via the social platform after being asked by Jon’s family. In her story, she posted one slide sharing as a request.

In another slide, she wrote, ‘It is with profound remorse and sorrow that we must report that our beloved Andrew Jonathan Hill passed away. She added, ‘We are all devastated by the sudden tragedy. The Hill family requested privacy during this overtly difficult time. VR, Hill Family.’

In August 2009, the founder of cosmetics Jaclyn and Jon tied the marriage knot. On May 16, 2018, the couple proclaimed they chose their separate ways, saying they made good friends after nine years of blissful marriage.

However, in 2019, Jon opened up about the reason for their split and his drug struggle in the press. He told Billboard he was in massive shock after knowing about Jaclyn’s decision, which devastated him.

Although the drummer was back after he struggled with addiction, he again started taking drugs after two months of separation.

Jon Hill Wikipedia And Biography Details

Hill is the musician and the former husband of the American businesswomen Jaclyn. After separation from the drummer, Jaclyn started dating Jordan Torrey. In December 2021, the couple engaged.

Hill and Jaclyn had a beautiful bonding destroyed by the addition of the musician. However, he came clean at the time of the divorce. The couple had long-term bonding, so Jaclyn asked her followers about him.

Jaclyn is an internet personality who rose to fame through the Youtube Channel. She was born and raised near Mineral, Illinois, United States, on July 20, 1990. James and Robin are the parents of the social star, and Nicholas and Rachel are her siblings.

In 1998, Jaclyn moved with her family to Tampa, Florida, for her father’s work. Her household then traveled to various countries, including India and Honduras. During childhood, she was homeschooled and late joined the college in Sarasota, Florida, and didn’t complete her education in Photography as she dropped out.

Previously, Jaclyn worked at the Mac Cosmetics store as a freelance makeup artist. In 2011, she used to post makeup tutorials on her youtube channel and even filmed her reality mogul with American socialite Kim Kardashian West.


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