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Jama Hedgecoth Obituary – Death: Noah’s Ark founder echoes calls Cause Of Death

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Jama Hedgecoth Obituary – Death: Noah’s Ark founder echoes calls Cause Of Death

Amid recent concerns regarding Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, founder Jama Hedgecoth has endorsed State Senator Emanuel Jones’s request for a comprehensive investigation into the current leadership of the sanctuary.

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📢 Mission Shift and Financial Focus:
Expressing apprehension through a statement by her attorney, Hedgecoth raised concerns about the current leadership, particularly President Shelly Lakly. Hedgecoth claimed that the sanctuary’s mission, initially centered on providing a haven for all creatures, has shifted under Lakly’s leadership to prioritize financial gains over animal welfare.

“When Noah’s Ark was founded, the focus of our mission was providing a sanctuary for all of God’s creatures,” Hedgecoth stated. “When Shelly Lakly came to Noah’s Ark as President, she changed the focus of the mission from care for the animals to money.”

💔 Allegations of Neglect:
Senator Jones, in a letter to Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, associated the recent closure of Noah’s Ark with a severe avian flu outbreak and animal abuse allegations. Hedgecoth echoed Jones’s concerns, accusing Lakly of prioritizing money over the safety and well-being of the animals.

“Shelly Lakly is more concerned with money than she is with ensuring the safety of the animals in the care of Noah’s Ark,” Hedgecoth emphasized.

📜 Defense and Counterclaims:
In response to these allegations, Noah’s Ark released a statement acknowledging challenges but claiming “tremendous progress” since the bird flu outbreak. The sanctuary invited Attorney General Chris Carr to inspect the facility and asserted that the issues raised by Senator Jones had been resolved months ago.

“We feel it’s time for the Senator to stop dredging up issues that were resolved months ago and instead engage with the current Noah’s Ark team with an open mind for the evolution and future of what Noah’s Ark will become,” the statement read.

🚨 Calls for Transparency:
Despite the sanctuary’s response, Hedgecoth warned against what she perceives as a lack of transparency from Lakly. She accused Lakly of using prepared statements to deflect criticism and urged a more open dialogue about the current conditions at Noah’s Ark.

The controversy surrounding Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary continues to unfold, with community concerns and calls for an investigation amplifying the need for a thorough examination into the sanctuary’s operations.

[Read Senator Jones’s full letter and Noah’s Ark response here.] Insert link to the full story

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