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James Cordero Leo Netflix Obituary – Death, animation and video games Cause Of Death

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James Cordero Leo Netflix Obituary – Death, animation and video games Cause Of Death

My childhood fascination with animation and video games was sparked by the timeless Looney Tunes cartoons. The pivotal moment arrived when my parents introduced a Commodore Vic 20 computer into our home, unveiling the captivating world of video games. I spent summers exploring the latest gaming adventures in local arcades, igniting my passion for the industry.

My journey into 3D animation took flight at the Technology Development Center, where a computer-aided design class shifted my focus from schematics to crafting 3D models of Star Wars droids. This newfound passion steered my career toward specialized 3D modeling.

My initial role was at ArchFX, a visual effects studio, where I began by creating 3D models for housing developments in Oxnard. Subsequently, I secured an internship at 3D Bob Productions, eventually transitioning to a full-time position. Specializing in motion capture, I collaborated on notable projects, including digitizing maquette models for the Alley McBeal television show.

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Venturing into the gaming industry, I joined Kush Games/2K Sports, contributing to animation, motion capture, and cutscenes for titles such as College Hoops, NHL 2K4-2K8, and MLB 2K. Progressing in my career at Zindagi Games, I played a role in developing games like Sports Champions and Medieval Moves for the Sony Playstation Motion Controller.

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Keen on advancing my skills, I look forward to a future marked by continuous learning and growth as an animator in the dynamic realms of video games and visual media.

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