John Harding Captured Video In Ukraine Trending On Twitter- Death Penalty

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John Harding Captured Video In Ukraine Trending On Twitter- Death Penalty

John Harding is a brave British man who risked his life fighting alongside the Azov regiment in Mariupol. In particular, Pro-Russian separatists reportedly captured him after the Russian troops took the Azvostal of Mariupol.

Further, pro-Russians uploaded John’s video on the web, where John had appealed for help from British prime minister Boris Johnson. The video has drawn people’s attention as it is trending on the web at the current date.

In addition, John’s family and friends have confirmed John’s real identity from the recent video circulated on the web. On the other hand, many people have concerned about his safety as he would face the death sentence in captivity.

John Harding’s video explaining his condition in captivity to the Russian Journalist has been trending on Twitter the following day. He fought for Ukraine with the Azov Regiment, the Ukrainian National Gaurd.

Russian journalist Kim Marina has circulated the captured video on multiple social platforms, including YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter. John reportedly has been fighting for Ukraine since 2018 in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Thousand of people have prayed for the safety of John and asked for his help on social platforms. Many wonders if the captured video is from may as the Russian troops reportedly captured his team in the city of Mariupol in May 2022.

John Harding Death Penalty

John Harding possibly faced the death penalty, as mentioned in the video. Further, the Russian Journalist hinted about the death penalty in the video, where the Journalist asked for John’s last words if he got a death sentence.

On the other hand, many people are afraid for his life as the Russian proxy court in the DPR sentenced two British men, Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner, to death last month.

Further, British aid worker Paul Urey died in captivity due to health issues as Russian separatists detained him a few weeks ago.

However, there has been no authentic source to verify if John got a death sentence in the following days. Everyone has prayed for his safety so he can return home safely.

Russian Journalist released his video on Friday. Thus, people wonder if he is still safer at the current date.

John Harding Family Wife & Children

John Harding was a family man with a wife and children. He has a beautiful daughter back in Sunderland, England. However, in an interview, he has not shared personal details about his wife and daughter.

On the other hand, he has mentioned he missed the days with his daughter and wished to spend more time with his daughter back in his home. His message has melted the hearts of thousands of people.

It is harsh to learn a dad is appealing for help so he can spend more time with his beloved daughter. We send our prayers for his safety via this article.

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