Kobe And Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report On Twitter – Drawing & Crash Photos

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Kobe And Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report On Twitter – Drawing & Crash Photos

Are Gigi & Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report On Twitter? See Their Drawing & Crash Photos

Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant’s autopsy report and coroner’s drawing surface on Twitter. The public has shared their reactions on social media.

The widow of Kobe Bryant said she lives in fear every day that the pictures from the helicopter crash may end up on the internet someday.

She has filed a lawsuit that claims county fire and sheriff’s department officials has shared the images from the crash site in public and with unrelated people.

Kobe And Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report And Drawing On Twitter

Kobe and Gigi Bryant died in a helicopter crash in 2020. The incident shocked the world. Other seven passengers were killed.

An autopsy report and coroner’s drawings of Kobe and Gigi circulate on Twitter.

Looking at the reports, people are devastated. Although the post-mortem reports were made public in 2020, there were not many details provided, and the cause of death was stated to be blunt force trauma.

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However, the recent pictures of the report provide detailed information on how the condition of their bodies following the crash. Kobe had 30% of burns, parts of his body were dismembered, and severe brain injuries.

Likewise, a user on Tiktok said that Gigi was found in a condition beyond recognition, and her body was dismembered severely, as per the reports.

A trial for a federal civil case brought by Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, over the sharing of photos of the crash site and the dead bodies of the deceased in irrelevant settings began on Wednesday.

In the lawsuit, Bryant claims that county fire and sheriff’s department officials shared images from the January 2020 crash in places unrelated to the investigation, including a bar.

Luella Weireter, the partner of a Los Angeles firefighter, testified in court on Friday that she witnessed LA County firefighter Tony Imbrenda share photos of Bryant’s remains and other images from the crash site during the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California’s Golden Mike awards in February 2020, reported¬†CNN.

The issue has angered netizens as they feel disgusted about how the first responders took pictures of the dead bodies in such severe conditions and even shared them with other people unrelated to the investigation.

Kobe And Gigi Bryant Death Cause

Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s death cause was blunt force trauma. They died along with seven other passengers. Kobe and his daughter were traveling to the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California.

After two years of their death, people have been talking about the incident again. The autopsy reports that are circulating online have left everyone heartbroken.

They have shared their reaction to the images and are sending prayers to the family. Moreover, some netizens ask others to stop sharing or re-tweeting those reports. It is devastating to the deceased’s family to see those heartbreaking images.

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