KTVU Reporter Leslie Griffith Dies From Lyme Disease, What Happened?

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KTVU Reporter Leslie Griffith Dies From Lyme Disease, What Happened?


According to the KTVU Channel 2 News, Leslie Griffith passed away on August 10, 2022, in Lake Chapala, Mexico. She was a seasoned journalist who worked for more than 20 years on television as the anchor for KTVU Channel 2 News.

Leslie Griffith is in the limelight because her admirer wanted to know the cause of her death. Griffith was a household name as she served more than 20 years as a news anchor.

Griffith was a fearless reporter who frequently engaged in dangerous acts to gather data and create the tales that gave her such a strong presence during live broadcasts.

Griffith, a real news-breaking guru, mastered the three-ring circus in what can be a chaotic atmosphere when a big story first broke. For 25 years, she worked as a television journalist, notably as a news anchor at KTVU.

Leslie Griffith KTVU Obituary

Everyone has been horrified by Leslie Griffith’s untimely death, and many are paying their respects on social media. Leslie’s admirers are consoling her family through tweets.

People want to know more about the circumstances surrounding her death and her obituary. Tributes are coming in from all directions as people remember Leslie.

Griffith’s admirers stated that she was a generous, understanding, and kind lady who will never be forgotten. Leslie’s family has received countless condolence messages from well-wishers, which might improve their emotional state.

At this time, they express their condolences to the bereaved family and pray to God to grant the deceased’s soul eternal rest. We also extend our heartfelt sympathies to their family and friends. We pray to God to those who are grieving courage and strength.

Leslie Griffith Death Cause

Griffith was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 after being bitten by a tick while residing in Oregon, according to a family member who spoke to KTVU.

Leslie Griffith died on August 10, 2022, at 66, at Lake Chapala, Mexico; however, the exact reason for her death is unknown. There is information concerning her previous poor health, and her family members have not commented on the circumstances surrounding her death.

Who is Leslie Griffith’s Husband?

Leslie Griffith, a California-based newswoman and television broadcaster, married Miles Griffith. Miles was born on January 6, 1960, in Greenup County, and is currently 72 years old. The couple’s age difference was only four years, with her spouse.

The KTVU anchor, on the other hand, was discreet about her personal life; she kept it buried for the bulk of her life and revealed very little information about her spouse and their relationship.

According to her Wikipedia article, Leslie left behind two children in Berkeley, California. Their names, however, were not listed on the website.

Leslie Griffith’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Leslie Griffith approximately ranges between $1 million to $5 million. Leslie’s primary source of income was her profession, anchoring.

Leslie Griffith had accumulated sizeable income from her profession. Griffith had lived her life luxuriously by spending her cash on purchasing houses and branded items.

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