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Kyk Bursu ne zaman yatacak, Have KYK scholarship payments been paid?

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Kyk Bursu ne zaman yatacak, Have KYK scholarship payments been paid?

Many students are eager to know when KYK scholarships will be deposited into their accounts. These scholarships, designed to support educational endeavors, aim to provide financial assistance to students. So, when can students expect the 2023-2024 KYK scholarship payments?

First-time scholarship or loan recipients are paid during their regular academic year, beginning from the academic year in which they apply. Payments are processed for these students, and transactions take place between the 6th and 10th days of each month, depending on the last digit of their ID number.

In this context, scholarship payments for students eligible to receive KYK scholarships will commence on December 6 and will be deposited into their accounts.

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Students can conveniently learn about the Ziraat Bank branches where their loans and scholarships will be deposited through the internet, using the passwords provided to them. Additionally, students have the option to obtain their debit cards from the bank.

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President Erdoğan has announced an increase in the loan and scholarship amounts for 2024, with undergraduate students receiving 2,000 liras, master’s students receiving 4,000 liras, and doctoral students receiving 6,000 liras. This boost aims to further support students in their educational pursuits.

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