Legendary Punjabi Singer Balwinder Safri Passed Away In Hospital, Cause Of Death Details

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Legendary Punjabi Singer Balwinder Safri Passed Away In Hospital, Cause Of Death Details

Balwinder Safri was a Punjabi folk singer and a pioneer in the British Asian music industry who sang dozens of hit songs as part of the Safri Boyz.

The singer from Birmingham had kidney failure and had suffered from brain damage, so he spent 86 days in New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton for recovery.

RIP: Balwinder Safri Death Cause

The bhangra musician Balwinder Safri is no more as he lost his life today as per a source; he spent a few months at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, to overcome a heart problem.

The musician underwent triple bypass surgery, which left him in a coma, and the staff from the hospital told his family to prepare for the worst as he suffered brain damage.

He struggled He persisted He achieved He conquered He fell He returned He inspired He ascends as a Legend He will forever be remember as one of the greatest voices of #Punjabi #Bhangra music. RIP #BalwinderSafri Waheguru Ohna Nu Apne Charna Vich Niwas Bakshe 🙏🏽 https://t.co/2pThHITAnB

However, he fought and pulled through the coma, woke up, and chatted with his significant other, leaving everyone surprised; everyone was happy about his miraculous recovery after 27 days in critical care.

Furthemore, Safri got discharged from the hospital after he woke up from a coma but unfortunately, he knocked on the heavens door after only a week of recovering from the worst.

Balwinder Safri Obituary And Twitter Tributes

The death of Balwinder has devastated his family, fans, followers, and loved ones, and tributes for him are folding on social media platforms, especially Twitter.

Many famous personalities, including Dipps Bhamra, Sukh Knight, and many other news outlets, have posted condolence messages for the musician while expressing grief.

It was a sight that brought smiles to many faces and tears to many eyes. After 86 days in hospital, legendary Bhangra artist #BalwinderSafri has been discharged from hospital to a specialist rehabilitation centre, where he will continue his miraculous recovery. https://t.co/MPFQEGncHR

Safri lost his battle to brain damage recovery on the 26th of July 2022 at 63, leaving everyone shattered; it’s a significant loss to the music industry. Apart from the brain damage, he also had kidney failure; he must have suffered a lot of pain. Moreover, we are saddened and heartbroken to hear about his demise; may his departed soul rest easy in paradise.

Who Are Balwinder Safri’s Wife And Children?

Balwinder had a loving family who cared for him while he struggled for his life in critical care, and they resided happily in the Handsworth area of Birmingham.

The musician has left behind his wife of 17 years Nikki Davitt who always believed in him and never lost hope for his recovery. However, no sufficient information about their children is available on the internet.

Safri had a stepdaughter named Priya Kumari, who was by his side when he was having a hard time; she looked after him in the hospital while he was getting treated for brain damage. Furthermore, he might have other kids who have not made their media appearances, but we hope God provides the Safri family with the strength to overcome the grief.

Balwinder Safri Wikipedia And Net Worth

Safri is a Punjab-born artist who became a part of the UK bhangra scene in 1980, and he might have had a net worth of at least $1 million to $5 million or more or less.

The musician formed the Safri Boyz Band in 1990 and has released albums including Paar Linghade – Legends, 48K – Tu Hoor Sohniye, Bomb the Tumbi, Off The Record, Showtime, and more.

We are saddened to hear that Balwinder Safri has passed away. The Punjabi folk singer was a pioneer for the British Asian music industry – having sung dozens of hit songs as part of his band, the Safri Boyz. We are thinking of his family, friends, and fans during this time. ❤️ https://t.co/foGaaPcRXA

However, Balwinder never disclosed his earnings and how much finances he had pilled up in his bank account through his singing career to the media. Even so, we presume that he must have left behind a few million dollars to his family members. Moreover, the artist might have spent a fortune to get treated for his brain damage but couldn’t make it alive.

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