lhamo death video leaked, China executes man who set fire to his ex-wife

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lhamo death video leaked, China executes man who set fire to his ex-wife

A man was executed in China on Saturday after he set fire to his ex-wife during a live broadcast, state media reported, marking the end of a case that sparked terror and outrage across the country.

Tang Lu was executed by a court in southwestern Sichuan province, the Global Times reported, citing the Intermediate People’s Court of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.

According to the Global Times, Tang was allowed to meet with his family before the execution.

Tang’s ex-wife Ram is a farmer and streamer in the Tibet Autonomous Region. State media reported that Tang had a history of physical abuse of Ram, and the couple divorced in June 2020.

He sought her several times and asked to remarry in the following months, but was turned down.

The case was widely covered by domestic and international media, sparking discussions about the abuse and abuse of women in China — and how the country’s legal system has often failed to protect victims while easily pardoning perpetrators.

Abuse was not considered a ground for divorce until China amended its marriage law in 2001.

China enacted its first nationwide domestic violence law in 2015, a landmark law that defined criminal conduct for the first time to cover both psychological and physical violence.

But critics say the law still has loopholes — it doesn’t cover same-sex couples, and it doesn’t mention sexual violence.

The debate over violence against women and gender inequality in China has continued since Lamo’s death.Recent controversies include several high-profile explosive rape allegations over the past year and the assault on several women at a restaurant last month, in which one woman fended off sexual harassment by a man.

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