Luke Stice Murder, Where Is Michael Ryan Now? Complete Dateline

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Luke Stice Murder, Where Is Michael Ryan Now? Complete Dateline

On an 80-acre farm connected to the white nationalist Christian identity movement, two dead were discovered in August 1985 outside of Rulo, Nebraska; Luke Stice, age 5, and James Thimm, age 26, were both presents.

According to Daniel Levitas in “The Terrorist Next Door,” there was evidence that both had been subjected to torture before being slain. A man seeking to establish his dominance had brutally mistreated them.

When trucker and high school dropout Michael Wayne Ryan was apprehended for these crimes, the authorities discovered that he had been acting as a prophet, announcing the end of the world. Violence was not unfamiliar to his form of religion, which had a following among those looking for a “paramilitary salvation.”

Rick Stice, the farm manager and father of Luke Stice, was a member of his cult. Ryan’s ideas appealed to Rick because he and his wife had financial difficulties, and Sondra died from cancer.

Ryan’s group was invited to Stice’s property, but Stice quickly came to symbolize Ryan’s enmity. Ryan reduced Stice to the position of “slave.”

About 21 people were living in the different structures, primarily children. Ryan, who referred to them as the “real Israelites” and convinced them that the final Armageddon would occur there in Nebraska, encouraged them to store food and medicine.

James Thimm, an ardent supporter, had traveled to the property with David Andreas, age thirty. Ryan also lost his temper with Thimm, demoting him to a lower position. He was obligated to follow what his superiors ordered.

Ryan began to abuse Luke to torture Stice. He wrote “666” in crimson on the boy’s forehead and declared that the boy was a Satanic offspring. Stice complied and beat and whipped Luke as directed by Ryan.

However, Stice eventually left the farm for a short spell. He was tethered to the porch when he came back. Stice followed Ryan’s instructions to abuse Luke sexually. Then he was told to sodomize Thimm and submit to the same treatment, which is exactly what he did.

Ryan felt unsatisfied despite this. One day, he gave Luke a severe blow, breaking his neck and murdering him. He made Stice dig a grave, and while working on it, Stice again escaped, leaving two of his kids behind.

Instead of escaping, he was subjected to a horrendous series of maltreatment. He received a shot in the face and was tormented for several days before passing away.

Despite having a significant face wound, Levitas claims he was forced to have sex with a goat while chained in a hog shed. Then, under Ryan’s orders, several men repeatedly violated him anally while holding a shovel handle before Ryan beat and kicked him, fracturing his arm.

The following day, while he was still breathing, his legs were shattered, and his skin was peeled off of him. Ryan then stomped on Thimm’s chest, causing the guy to pass away.

Thimm was laid to rest in an unmarked cemetery after Ryan gave the order to one of the others to shoot him in the head for good measure.

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