Meet Meer Asif Aziz: JK Rowling Death Threat Twitter, Age, Net Worth

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Meet Meer Asif Aziz: JK Rowling Death Threat Twitter, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Meer Asif Aziz? Islamic Extremist Gives Death Threat To JK Rowling On Twitter

Islamic Extremist student Meer Asif Aziz publicly gave a death threat to JK Rowling on Twitter, saying she’s next following Rushdie’s stabbing.

British author and philanthropist JK Rowling showed her concern regarding stabbing of Rushdie when she received a public death threat.

The Indian-born British-American novelist, Salman Rushdie, was stabbed multiple times on Friday by the suspect Hadi Matar. He is currently in the emergency room and is in critical condition. Knowing about the incident, Rowling replied, “Feeling very sick right now. Let him be ok”.

It was in this comment that Aziz gave a threat to her life by saying, “Don’t worry, you are next.” After receiving such threats publicly on social media, JK highlighted the matter on Twitter by sharing screenshots of the replies where Meer threatened Rowling and supported Matar, referring to the stabbing suspect as a revolutionary Shia fighter.

Since then, multiple media platforms have reported the social media warning and tried to discover the man’s identity. Here is what we know about him.

Who Is Meer Asif Aziz? Islamic Gives Death Threat To JK Rowling On Twitter

Meer Asif Aziz is an Islamic student based in Pakistan who openly gave a death threat to JK Rowling on Twitter.

Looking at his Twitter profile, he is a student based in Karachi, Pakistan. His Twitter bio also reads him as a “social activist, political activist, and research activist.” From these details, it is clear that Aziz is a young student currently studying in Karachi.

Nonetheless, further details regarding his personal and professional life are below the shadow. On social media, he has often spoken in favor of the Islamic religion and also reflected on what he believed was a hypocritical situation.

He replied to a comment saying,” If you people took guns you have issues of self defense, and we in case we took it we are terrorist what a hypocrisy.” Other than this, there are further replies where he has talked about discriminatory things regarding Israel.

Often involved in controversial and sick comments, Meer threatened Rowling by saying that the woman was next, relating to Rushdie’s fatal stabbing.

Meer Asif Aziz Age: How Old Is He?

The man who threatened JK Rowling, Meer Asif Aziz, is 23 years old.

He was born in 1999, as detailed in his Twitter bio. From this data, we can confirm that the man is around 22-23 years old. However, since the date of birth remains unknown, his actual age is also under the radar.

Aziz is a student in his early 20s and currently studies in Pakistan’s largest city.

Meer Asif Aziz Net Worth And Other Details

Meer Asif Aziz’s net worth might be around a few thousand dollars since he is a student and probably doesn’t have enormous wealth.

Nothing much about his identity and professional details, such as his work and family background, is now known. So, the details regarding his fortune remain a mystery alongside any detailed description of his life and other involvements.

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