Mike Lavallee Overhaulin Cause Of Death And Obituary, What Happened?

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Mike Lavallee Overhaulin Cause Of Death And Obituary, What Happened?

What Was Mike Lavallee Overhaulin Cause Of Death? Killer Paint Artist Dies At 60

There has been a loss of a renowned artist in the automotive business.

Mike Lavallee was famous for his signature, or more accurately, his trademark, the TRUE FIRE airbrush method, which he used on hot cars and motorbikes.

Mike Lavallee passed away in 2020. His passing was lamented by many in the industry. Although Lavallee’s name may not be well-known, his body of work has been viewed by millions worldwide. He is also responsible for inspiring many others in custom paint and pinstripe.

Mike Lavallee Overhaulin Cause Of Death

Mike Lavallee passed away due to a stroke he experienced.

On April 6, 2020, Mike Lavallee experienced a stroke and brain bleed due to his condition. Rocky Howsden, a friend of Lavallee’s, wrote a statement on Facebook that revealed that the talented artist had gone away at 4 o’clock on April 14.

A following post on the official Facebook page for Lavallee provided more confirmation of his passing. The post said that Mike was a man who served both as a friend and a teacher to those who worked for him. They wished that people would remember him for a lot more than simply his great artwork when they thought of him. They wanted people to think of him as the fantastic man he was in their memories.

Lavallee’s death resulted from complications arising from a stroke that he had had. As a result of the stroke, he required surgery, which he subsequently had. Judging from the content of his website (killerpaint.com), he appeared to be recovering.

Despite this, he passed away on April 14, 2020. He had reached the age of 60. To assist with the financial burden, a GoFundMe page was established. Some of his artwork was put up for auction.

Who Is Mike Lavallee?

Lavallee’s first attempts at sketching were made when he was just two years old.

He would grab some paper and crayons and try to improve his abilities by drawing dinosaurs and other creatures. One of his English instructors motivated him to participate in an art competition. The experience gave him the insight he required to figure out what he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

In the beginning, Lavallee attended the Butera School of Art in Boston to study sign painting there. After completing the two-year training program in 1979, he found work painting signs. However, a year later, Mike launched his store in the garage that belonged to his parents. He used that time to expand his skill set by learning pinstriping and airbrushing.

Lavallee attended a motorbike gathering in New Hampshire after getting the recommendation from a buddy. He had a productive and enjoyable weekend overall. Mike could make more money at the protest than a month working at the sign company. After that, he rode his motorcycle throughout the country, from Maine to Florida and even South Dakota.

In 1999, Lavallee would once more open up a store for business. The airbrush studio, Killer Paint Inc., is located in Snohomish, Washington. Around that time, he decided to participate in the Seattle Roadster Show by operating a booth.

Before inviting members of the general public inside, Lavallee took a stroll through the exhibits and came across an automobile that piqued his curiosity. However, it had a dent, which turned him off. He extended an offer to repair the scratch.

Mike Lavallee Wife

In an interview given to the Herald Net, Mike Lavallee revealed that he had been married twice in his 20s.

Mike was in his 20s when he tied the knot twice, but none of those marriages was successful in the long run. After that, he went to Indiana, where he met a woman from Everett who worked in the truck-lettering profession. She was from the same industry as Mike was. He pursued the woman back to the Pacific Northwest, where she eventually took him sightseeing in Washington.

It was reported that she was stunning, and when she took him on a tour of the tropical forest, he fell in love—but not with the woman herself. It did not work out for him to be in a relationship with that woman either. However, his connection to the Pacific Northwest will never be severed due to that encounter.

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