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Nkululeko Mkhize shot dead: KwaZulu-Natal “tender mafia” Suspected to be Involved In Richards Bay massacre killed in police shooting

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Nkululeko Mkhize shot dead: KwaZulu-Natal “tender mafia” Suspected to be Involved In Richards Bay massacre killed in police shooting

Nkululeko Mkhize, a well-known businessman in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, has been identified as one of the suspects killed in connection with a tragic incident that occurred on Tuesday morning at the Zimbali estate, north of Durban. Law enforcement agencies reported that at least five people were shot and killed at a parking lot in Richards Bay CBD on Tuesday, September 2-, 2023. Following this incident, the police initiated a manhunt for at least five suspects believed to be involved in the fatal shooting.

Initial investigations revealed that four suspects exited a vehicle and opened fire on the victims. Four of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, while the fifth victim succumbed to gunshot wounds at a local clinic. The suspects reportedly fled the scene in a Blue VW Polo. The motive behind the shooting has not yet been determined, although the possibility of it being drug-related has not been ruled out. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Nkululeko Mkhize, a prominent businessman in Richards Bay, and his associates were responsible for the massacre.

The tragic incident took place at Estate Zimbali, north of Durban. During a raid by the National Intervention Unit of the South African Police Service to apprehend Mkhize, it appears that he was killed in a gun battle. Mkhize had been accused of having connections to a drug gang. On Wednesday, a violent confrontation occurred at Mkhize’s home in Ballito Estate. In 2021, Mkhize made headlines when he gifted an R1.5 million cash gift during a traditional bridal shower (known as an “indicia”) in Ulundi.

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Francois Schoeman, CEO of Ballito Estate, expressed relief that one of their residents was no longer associated with such activities. Police spokesman Colonel Robert Netshiunda reported the discovery of six firearms and over a thousand rounds of ammunition at the scene. Utilizing information from multiple sources, the police identified the individuals believed to be responsible for the murders in Richards Bay on Tuesday. Upon entering the house, they encountered gunfire from the intruders. In response, the police returned fire, resulting in the deaths of two suspects, including Mkhize. An investigation has been requested from the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), and the search for any additional suspects is ongoing.

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