Obituary: Nafis Sadik Death Cause Explained, Women’s Health And Right Champion Died

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Obituary: Nafis Sadik Death Cause Explained, Women’s Health And Right Champion Died

What Was Nafis Sadik Death Cause? Women’s Health And Right Campaigner Dies At 92 And Funeral Notice

Sadik became one of the highest-ranking women in the UN hierarchy and the first woman in the world body’s history to lead one of its major voluntarily funded programmes.

Nafis Sadik, a Pakistani doctor who promoted women’s health and rights and led the ground-breaking action plan, died at the age of 92.

Omar Sadik, Nafis’s son, reported his mother’s death and said she passed away five days before turning 93.

Nafis Sadik began working for the United Nations Inhabitants Fund in 1971. In 1977, she advanced to the position of assistant government director, and in 1987, she was given the government director title.

She was the first woman to participate in a major United Nations program that was voluntarily supported.

What Was Nafis Sadik Death Cause?

Nafis Sadik’s died of natural causes at her home in New York on Sunday night. Sadik had been ill for some time and had not been seen in New York’s diplomatic community.

In a statement, Dr. Na­talia Kanem, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), expressed her sorrow at her departure and gave her a heartfelt tribute, calling her a passionate champion of women’s health, rights, and empowerment.

After retiring from UNFPA in 2000, Dr. Sadik worked as the secretary-general of the UN’s special adviser. She joined UNFPA in 1971.

Sadik was the director-general of the Pakistan Central Family Planning Council before joining the United Nations. She is a trained obstetrician-gynecologist.

Nafis Sadik was born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in the city of Jaunpur. She was the daughter of Mohammad Shoaib and Iffat Ara.

Nafis attended Loreto College in Kolkata and the Dow Medical College in Karachi before earning her doctorate in medicine. She completed her gynecology and obstetrics internship at City Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nafis Sadik Obituary

People are searching for Nafis Sadik’s obituary after learning about her passing online and through other media. Her obituary’s specifics, however, have not yet been disclosed.

The memorial posts for Nafis Sadik are overflowing on social media. Many people have paid tribute to Sadik by posting her photo on the internet.

The son of Nafis Sadik, Omar Sadik, responded that his mother had passed away in her New York residence from natural causes.

Nafis continued her illustrious career by providing assistance and sharing her knowledge with several boards of directors.

She promoted the idea that it was best to address women’s health and wellbeing from a more comprehensive perspective of sexual and reproductive health, within the social and economic context of women’s life.

She had repeatedly emphasized the necessity to directly include both men and women in addressing the problems of women.

Nafis Sadik Leadership In Family Planning

Nafis Sadik became the first woman to receive the Hugh Moore Award in 1976. She was given the name of a US pioneer who is recognized for raising awareness of the population challenge.

Nafis received recognition for both her leadership in the field of family planning and for inspiring other women to work in the population field.

There can never be enough emphasis placed on the contribution Dr. Sadik made to population planning during her 14 years as executive director of UNFPA.

She oversaw the greatest international source of aid to population planning initiatives in the world.

Nafis received numerous medals and honors from throughout the world for her work in advancing the health of women and children.

She belonged to the American Association of Physicians from Pakistan. She was chosen to join the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 1988 Fellowship ad eundem in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Sadik served as secretary general of the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development.

Nafik Sadik’s husband Azhar Sadik passed away several years ago and she was survived by five children.

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