Obituary: Who Are Alex Schachter Mom & Dad? Parents & Age Details Of The Parkland Shooting Victim

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Obituary: Who Are Alex Schachter Mom & Dad? Parents & Age Details Of The Parkland Shooting Victim

In the Parkland school shooting in 2018, which occurred four years ago, Alex Schachter was one of the 14-year-old victims who passed away. The incident’s most recent information is provided here.

The 16 other kids slain in the Parkland school massacre included 14-year-old Alex Schachter. Therefore, the occurrence continues to startle everyone else in the world.

They were among the 17 students and staff members murdered by gunfire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

A 15-year-old Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet who died while assisting friends to flee West Point. 16-year-old precocious girl, ready to go college and “transform the world.”

Obituary: Who Are Alex Schahter Mom & Dad?

Max Schachter’s son Alex was reportedly killed in the Parkland school massacre, according to theĀ Source.

On Monday, March 5, 2018, he held a news conference where he announced the creation of a scholarship fund in honor of his son and lamented the failure of the FBI, Broward Sheriff’s Office, and lawmakers on him, his son, and the victims.

As Max Schachter responds to information about the injuries the killer inflicted on his son using an AR-15-style weapon.

It is there when he reads aloud argumentative text exchanges between his daughter Avery, who idolized her brother Alex, and his son Alex.

After authorities recovered the phone Alex had in his pocket when he was slain at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he had only just seen the messages for the first time hours earlier.

It appears there when he talks about Alex’s confidence in his writing abilities after coming up with a poem for his English class. At the 14-year-funeral, old’s his father would later recite a poem.

Alex Schachter Age The Parkland Shooting Victim

Alex Schachter, a teenage kid of only 14 years old, passed away at such a young age. According to his father Max Schachter’s eulogy, which was printed in The Washington Post, Alex Schachter was just 4 years old when his mother passed away.

He claimed that when Max Schachter remarried, his two sons immediately got a devoted mother and two devoted sisters.

Max Schachter stated, “I brought my family to Parkland because it was an exquisite little village. “I never anticipated experiencing this. I never imagined it would take place here.”

In the school marching band, Alex Schachter played the trombone with skill.

The Sun Sentinel quoted Alexander Kaminsky, the school’s director of bands, as saying that the improvement he showed was impressive and inspirational.

Alex Schachter Go Fund Me

A Go Fund Me account for Alex Schachter may have been created following the loss of life in such a tragic tragedy, but as of 2022, none have been located. However, the occurrence has occurred there for the past 4 years.

The Stoneman Douglas shooting victims’ parents all experience sorrow in unique ways.

In order to prevent school shootings, Ryan Petty, the father of freshman Alaina Petty, is collaborating with federal authorities on threat prevention protocols.

In honor of his daughter Jaime, Fred Guttenberg has started a well-publicized legal battle against the National Rifle Association and rules governing the AR-15.

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