Peter Kalmus Was Not Arrested, NASA Scientist’s Fake Mugshots Make Twitter Rounds

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Peter Kalmus Was Not Arrested, NASA Scientist’s Fake Mugshots Make Twitter Rounds

Peter Kalmus is an American scientist and environmentalist who was arrested in April this year for protesting against climate change in Los Angeles.

Rumors of him being arrested again are circulating all over social media, which we can tell you are false. He works as an associate project scientist at the Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science & Engineering at UCLA and is a data scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Debunked: Peter Kalmus Was Not Arrested Again

Peter was a part of a protest that raised serious questions about climate change and ineffective efforts done by governmental bodies to battle this serious issue. He was taken into custody when his followers, and colleagues barricaded themselves in a JP Morgan Chase building in downtown Los Angeles.

It was a component of a global campaign led by a loosely affiliated group of worried scientists known as the Scientist Rebellion, which included more than 1,200 scientists from 26 countries and had the backing of regional climate organizations.

This incident is three months old, and still, news of him being arrested again makes its place on the internet. Of course, he wasn’t arrested after that, but that doesn’t mean that he has abandoned his efforts of protests against climate change.

He regularly tweets about the severe consequences of climate change affecting several people’s lives globally. He is also supported by many environmentalists and general people who think that the efforts to minimize the effects of climate change are not being carried out as they should be.

Peter Kalmus has flooded his Twitter profile with tweets focusing on raising questions about the efforts to prevent climate change. He tweets around five times daily, mentioning the stories and struggles people have faced due to climate change.

He believes that fossil fuels are one of the significant factors in increasing the carbon quantity in our atmosphere, which eventually affects the climate. Therefore, he thinks that the state of the Earth is considerably getting worse than most people think. According to science, everything we cherish is in danger as long as fossil fuels continue to heat our globe.

The contrast of current and impending climate disasters with business as usual happening all around us is one of the most horrifying parts of this. In the protest, the American scientist mentioned that humanity would go into climate emergency mode and stop using fossil fuels in a matter of years if everyone could see what he could see coming.

Peter Kalmus’s Wife And Net Worth In 2022

He is married to his wife, Sharon Kunde, with two kids. Sharon is also a climate activist who supports her husband at every stage of his life. Kalmus is a science communicator whose work focuses on changing society’s acceptance of fossil fuels. Currently, he is the climate scientist with the most followers on Twitter under the handle @ClimateHuman.

He focuses primarily on persuading the academic Earth science and other communities to speak out more forcefully about the necessity of taking action on climate change.

He has never disclosed his financial assets publically. For that reason, his net worth cannot be obtained right now. However, Kalmus recently started working on the newly emerging topic of ecological forecasting. He is the leading scientist on a NASA grant to conduct a more precise and in-depth analysis of the coral reefs’ predicted future.

Ocean acidification and heat waves are increasingly killing coral reefs. He has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers in physics and Earth science, most of which are the result of his prior work with the LIGO Collaboration.

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