Sam Omatseye dead and obituary, On Omatseye’s Obituary

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Sam Omatseye dead and obituary, On Omatseye’s Obituary

Recently, Mr. Sam Omatseye – a writer who is respected by many for his prose fluent and other reasons – wrote an article titled “Obinomics”. In the aforementioned article, he insults Mr. Peter Obie, clearly tormented by resentment.

He sees Obi as a rising sun that needs complete shade. As part of the respected “right of reply” that readers should have, I have rebutted this article. I duly sent my reply to Mr Sam Omatseye who, contrary to the generosity of The Nation, refused to submit it for publication. Of course I feel bad.

Omatseye probably doesn’t know that I’ve come a long way in El Pais to not deny such a right. In any case, I had the privilege of writing my first letter to the editor on the birth of The Nation (then Comet) newspaper, The Comet Cometh. Am I not eligible to be a stakeholder?

A few months after that, Omatseye was back. On August 1, he wrote another play called “The Obituary,” in which he literally wanted Obi to die and be buried, the easiest way for his patron to become president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In one of his most recent plays, he threw poison ink at Obi through a fictional flaw in Obi’s character and served it in hot sauce.

In all the opinion writing records, it’s hard to find a more savage, smellier, more boiling obscene volcanic word lava, not just about one person, but about a people — the Igbo. Like a blind lover whose inexplicable hydraulic surge fuels the blind porn starvation that leads to rape, Omatseye wields the weapons he has at home: satire, mockery, slander and a complex twist of truth. What are these lies? We’ll look at them through the narrative he’s trying to push.

The first paragraph of his malicious sarcasm can be summed up in a few words he said directly to the Igbo people to hurt their minds and bodies: “They have transferred the temperament of their former masters to their new ones. They go to great lengths to be incoherent, no lack Tricks, threats and tantrums, any manifestations of frenetic, raw chatter or yelling. They abuse, curse, curse.

They spread lies about candidates. They spread lies about others. You have twisted material”. Here, Omatseye simply presents the symptoms of a man worried about insomnia because of Mr Peter Obi’s popularity by trying to make his candidacy a racial movement. Like ours Uncle Joe as you know, do you blame Omatseye for aggressively attacking a man who seems to have ruined his dream of casting Aso Rock in 2023?

For the direction of Omatseye and his admirers, Peter Obi’s candidacy cannot be reduced to a race movement. If anyone raised the racial flag, it was the one who gleefully announced that it was “his turn.”

Nigeria is bleeding in every way. Our leaders today divide the country into rival north and south halves; rich and poor; rich and rich. They are leading Nigeria into anarchy every day. There is hardly a place, not a city, where the torch of uprising is not openly burned. Instead of writing responsibly and helping put out the fires, Omatseye sees the Igbo people as a problem for the country.

To prove to you how depraved Omatseye is for being ‘challenged’ for his master’s ‘turn’, let’s consider some of his words: “Kanu lashes out at Obi as governor and speaks out about the essayist Comment on him.” He wrote about a NEXT supermarket when he was the governor of Anambra state. The video clip refers to him as some sort of sexual creature on the fringe. You can imagine an Aso rock filled with evil flesh. His so-called submissives know this. But it doesn’t matter. “In fact, Next Mall was conceived and launched in Abuja long before Peter Obi became governor. Previously, Next already had a larger facility than Abuja Mall.

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