Shooting in Montenegro: Assailant kills gunman as rampage claims at least 11 lives

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Shooting in Montenegro: Assailant kills gunman as rampage claims at least 11 lives

11 people were killed in a mass shooting on Friday in Cetinje, Montenegro, before the alleged shooter was reportedly shot and killed by a bystander who was armed.

The suspected attacker, a 34-year-old male who lives in the Medovina district, was said to have been attacked, according to Zoran Brdjanin, the commander of the Montenegrin Police Force. The suspect, who was given the initials V.B. by the investigators, was allegedly carrying a hunting rifle.

Authorities said in an official news release that V.B. allegedly shot and killed three tenants in his building before going on the rampage. There were two kids, ages 8 and 11, together with their mother.

After these initial gunshots, it is said that V.B. shot at least 13 persons on a busy roadway, killing 11.

Brdjanin remarked:

It is now unknown what motivated V.B. to carry out this heinous act.

The investigation into the attack is still ongoing.

Despite the targets appearing to be random, according to the Guardian, V.B.’s rage may have been motivated by a family conflict. There were unspecified numbers of wounded people among the dead, one of which was a police officer from Montenegro.

Locals first claimed that the police had stopped the shooting spree by murdering the alleged shooter, but it was later discovered that he had really been killed by a bystander whose identity has not yet been made public.

State prosecutor Andrijana Nastic spoke about the scenario during an interview with Vijesti TV.

Nastic declared:

“I can only tell that a civilian shot and killed the shooter.”

Nastic added a description of the crime’s initial scene:

When we got there, there were nine bodies there, including two children, and two more had died while route to the hospital.

RTCG, a local news source, reports that 4 injured citizens were taken to a hospital. Two additional people were transported to a clinic in Podgorica, the nation’s capital, with injuries that were more severe.

According to CBS, the attack caught locals off guard because they had not anticipated such a thing happening in the well-known tourist area.

Local of Cetinje Milorad Mitrovic told RTCG he was shocked.

He stated:

That what occurred in Cetinje and Montenegro is unfathomable. I am stunned and unable to speak. I’m not sure where this may go. President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic expressed his sorrow for the gunshot victims in a tweet.

He stated:

“The news of the awful event has greatly impacted me.”

Dritan Abazovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, echoed his views on his Telegram account.

Abazovic declared:

“This calamity was without precedent.”

Added him:

“We must keep the families of the innocent victims, their loved ones, and the Cetinje community in our thoughts.”

In Montenegro, widespread shootings are thought to be an uncommon event. The locals’ tranquillity has undoubtedly been disturbed by the news.

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