Shooting: Who Was Lametta Fadlallah? Former Girlfriend Of Helal Safi

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Shooting: Who Was Lametta Fadlallah? Former Girlfriend Of Helal Safi

Who Was Lametta Fadlallah? Deadly Shooting Video Explained And Ex Girlfriend Of Helal Safi Today

Amy Hazouri and Lametta Fadlallah were hit by a hail of gunshots on Saturday night while in a car outside the former’s house on Hendy Avenue in Panania.

According to NSW Police Force Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, the shooter broke an unwritten rule by choosing to target women, which is a new low.

He claimed that Fadlallah, a mother of two, was the target of an “organized, methodical murder” during the shooting.

Shooting: Who Was Lametta Fadlallah?

Lametta Fadlallah was a 48 years old mother and the ex-girlfriend of Sydney crime figure Helal Safi, a drug dealer.

A few dozen shots were fired through the window of Fadlallah’s silver Toyota 4WD as she was inside her home on Hendy St., Panania, in Sydney’s west.

Lametta married two of the most prominent drug lords in the community, and it is said that her connections to organized crime caused her to become focused.

Fadlallah was recognized by police, but they stated they were still unsure of the shooter’s intentions. Despite the ambulance officers’ best efforts, Fadlallah passed away right on the spot.

When Fadlallah married Shadi Derbas, an influential person of the Telopea St Grange, in her early twenties, she became immersed in gang life, at least as far back as the 1990s.

Derbas was apprehended and found guilty in 2000 for obstructing the murder inquiries into the deaths of two men murdered by criminal Michael Kannan outside the Five Dock Hotel in 1998.

Helal Safi Ex-Girlfriend Lametta Fadlallah Shooting

Lametta Fadlallah was seated in the backseat of a silver Toyota 4WD outside her home on Hendy St, Panania in Sydney’s west, while a dozen bullets were fired through the window.

The 20-year-old male driver attempted to flee the assault by stopping his vehicle around a corner and making a call for assistance. A 16-year-old girl was riding with them.

The two are reportedly traumatized by what they saw but cooperate with authorities to the best of their abilities.

Fadlallah was married to two top criminal lords in Harbour City for the past 30 years and was an “active” participant in their seedy underworld.

Mark Morri, the crime editor of The Daily Telegraph, claimed that Fadlallah was “gunned down like a criminal figure” and was actively involved in crime.

Helal Safi, Fadlallah’s longtime partner, survived a jailhouse assassination attempt in 2010 despite being stabbed 42 times by rival gang members.

His injuries were so severe that he spent five months in a coma; the police attribute his survival to his stature.

Who Was Amy Hazouri?

Amy Hazouri and Lametta Fadlallah were shot and killed at 6 p.m. on Saturday while sitting in the back of a Toyota 4WD.

Amy Hazouri had just ended a shift at her hair shop in Bankstown, in Sydney’s southwest. Hazouri had been preparing for a journey home to see her sick mother in Lebanon while earning six days a week to support her.

Amy’s sister Manal disclosed Monday that Hazouri had stepped up to support the family despite a raging economic crisis in Lebanon by transferring a portion of her monthly salary to pay their bills.

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