Theonecornelia TikTok Story And Drama As Husband Shot Her In The Face

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Theonecornelia TikTok Story And Drama As Husband Shot Her In The Face

Michelle Fox was treated by Theonecornelia, a spiritual healer and TikTok star whose real name is Shinne after she was shot in the face by her husband.

The incident was the subject of extensive media coverage. Fox’s husband, Mariusz Burchacki, inadvertently shot her on February 21 while showing her how to swap out parts for his new shotgun with those from his old one.

In August, Burchacki received a sentence for felony second-degree assault, including five years of probation and time served.

TikTok Story And Drama Of Theonecornelia

Because @theonecornelia’s Tiktok video discusses domestic abuse, it has drawn much attention. The girl has been spotted wearing a face prosthetic. After the incident, she said everything went dark, and she realized she was gone.

The victim’s friend noticed their daughter waiting in the doorway as she proceeded to dial 911. She went after them so she could take them both to the restroom.

She instructed their daughter to lock the door and wait to unlock it until she called. Her ex-husband abruptly emerged from the bedroom in tears, declaring that his life was ended.

She went to the bedroom to take care of the child as he grabbed the rifle and hurled it down the corridor. The girl now has prosthetics all over her face after they both underwent a dreadful experience. The footage appears to demonstrate that she is having problems communicating.

Theonecornelia Story Of Woman That Got Shot In The Face By Husband

After becoming viral on TikTok, the story of the woman who was shot in the face by her husband attracted attention worldwide. While living in Van Duyn Home & Hospital after the accident, Michelle Fox was in and out of the hospital.

But Fox, together with her kids Maya, 6, and Malana, 1, hopes that things will improve when they move into the brand-new extension to her parents’ Camillus home over the next few weeks. Peter Gaworecki asserts that if you spoke with Fox nine months after the occurrence, which she refers to as “her accident,” you wouldn’t realize anything was amiss.

And he’s right. Fox is a happy young woman who expressed hope and appreciation last week, the day before Thanksgiving. She laughs when Gaworecki calls her a “mall rat” in jest and brags about the lemon theme in her new kitchen.

However, Fox’s surgical mask that covers her face up to her eyebrows and the little crocheted drape that conceals her tracheostomy tube cast her in a different light.

Who Is TikTok Star Theonecornelia Aka Shinne?

This handle belongs to popular TikTok user @theonecornelia, who has 645.3K likes and 95.2K follows. Her real name is Shinne, and she is a medium.

Shinne frequently writes on her blog and in numerous videos about the experience of forgiving oneself. She is a spiritual healer who occasionally conducts healing rites as part of religious ceremonies without medications or other physical therapies; in addition to using orthodox medicine, they also use spiritual healers.

Through the healing process, Theonecornelia and Michelle Fox became friends, and their duo became well-known for the tale of the wife who was shot in the face by her husband. After Michelle had been shot, the TikTok star was located here.

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