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Top Fully Funded Scholarships in Cyprus for International Students

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Are you interested, Scholarships in Cyprus for International Students? at top Cyprus universities? You know Cyprus is in Europe, So you can avail of Scholarships in Europe. For Study in Cyprus, Yes, there are thousands of funded & fully funded Cyprus Scholarships for Short Courses, Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. degree programs in top European universities in Cyprus. Students from all over the world can avail these Cyprus Scholarships for their bright future. This article will explain the top 10 Cyprus Scholarships for Study in Cyprus.

Applications for funded / fully-funded Scholarships in Cyprus for the academic year 2022-2023 are open. A vast field of majors / courses are offered at different Cyprus Universities. Cyprus Scholarship program aims to provide financial support and grants to international students pursuing Undergraduate / Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degree programs at different European universities Cyprus is a good destination for those who want to study abroad and you can get easily get admission to Universities on Scholarships.

Cyprus has an excellent education system and tourist spots. The cost of education / study is low as compared to other European Countries. The living cost is also less. If we talk about the cheapest city for living in Europe, Paphos is a city in Cyprus that is famous for it. Students can also work 20 hours a week in Cyprus to fulfill education and living expenses. International students are welcome to apply for scholarships in Cyprus.In this article, we have gathered different Top 10 Scholarships in Cyprus for international students from 2022-2023.

List of Top 10 Cyprus Scholarships Programs 2022-2023 | Free Study in Europe

1. Cyprus International University Scholarship Program

Eligibility Status: Every year, Cyprus International University calls international students for different Scholarship Programs, to provide undergraduate and graduate scholarship funding to support their studies in Cyprus. Cyprus government provides financial support as well as other benefits to international students to study and make their future bright in Europe under the guidance of highly skilled professionals.

Requirements: There are multiple scholarship programs are available. CIU scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee cost and the academic scholarship covers 50% to 100% of the tuition fee cost and other costs of selected students based on the academic merit list.The Master’s scholarships are given by the Scholarship Committee of the university which covers 50% of the tuition fee. This aid / award is given to those students who have an excellent academic record in Masters and Ph.D. degree programs.

How To Apply: You can read about –  Cyprus International University Scholarship – HERE

2. University of Central Lancashire Cyprus Scholarship Program

Eligibility Status: Central Lancashire University offers undergraduate scholarships and graduate scholarships every year to international students of specific countries. Along with merit-based Scholarships, universities provide Athletic scholarships for the students who are part of a sports team. The candidate applying must meet their academic criterion which is given in the official link.

Requirements: Central Lancashire scholarship provides a 40% to 50% reduction in payable tuition fees under undergraduate scholarships which are given on merit. For postgraduate scholarships, 30% of the tuition fees are given to those students who have excellent academic performance and behavior.

How To Apply: You can read about the – University of Central Lancashire Cyprus Scholarship – HERE

3. Cyprus Science University Scholarships for international students

Cyprus Science University is one of the most vastly growing internationally, and currently hosting international students in North Cyprus from different 23 countries from  Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Requirements: Cyprus Science University offers a wide range of scholarships for all international students.

How To Apply: You can read about the – Cyprus Science University Scholarships – HERE

4. Cyprus Institute Scholarships Program

Eligibility Status: Every year multiple international scholarships are available for students of the Cyprus Institute. One of the scholarship programs is tuition fees scholarships which cover the full or partial cost of tuition fees. Another scholarship is Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship is also available. Students are selected on academic merit pursuing their Doctoral Degree program.

Requirements: The CI scholarships cover tuition fees and also provide a monthly stipend. CI is the most prestigious scholarship program of the institute. Graduate scholarships cover living expenses, research assistantships, and work-study programs are also available. Visit the institute’s website to find out more about its scholarship programs.

How To Apply: You can read about –  Cyprus Institute Scholarships – HERE

5. Cyprus West University Scholarships for International Students

Eligibility Status: Every year Cyprus West University provides various scholarships to its current and prospective students in undergraduate degree programs. Cyprus West University is fully-funded scholarships based on the decision of the scholarship committee. If you want to know about the scholarships at Cyprus West University, visit their admissions portal.

Requirements: Cyprus West University Scholarship covers 65% of scholarships for all international undergraduate students in all disciplines. There is another scholarship program named Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarships for those international students who have conditional acceptance at the institution.

How To Apply: You can read about the  Cyprus West University Scholarships – HERE

6. University of Nicosia Scholarships Program

Eligibility Status: Every year the University of Nicosia offers merit-based and athletic-based scholarships for all international students around the globe.  Merit scholarships are given on the base of high school results during their first year and after two semesters, students can apply for merit scholarships which are based on their grades.

Requirements: These scholarships are provided to full-time students only. Athletic scholarships are given to those students who are involved in the sports teams of the university. With this scholarship, students can get a 40% reduction in tuition fees cost.

How To Apply: You can read about –  University of Nicosia Scholarships – HERE

7. Alexander College Scholarships Programs

Eligibility Status: Every year Alexander College, Cyprus provides academic and athletic scholarships to full-time international students from all over the world to build a diverse student community. Academic scholarships are given in the first year of their study and this scholarship is partially or fully based on grades.

Requirements: The athletic Scholarship Program covers full-time candidates who join sports teams or sports events. The athletic scholarship Program covers full or partial fees which are dependent on performance.

How To Apply: You can read about –  Alexander College Scholarships – HERE

8. Frederick University Scholarships Program

Eligibility Status: Frederick University Scholarships offers fully or partially funded scholarships based on academic performance during high school grades.

Requirements: Frederick University Scholarships give awards on a base of grade point average. Frederick University Scholarships are given to undergraduate and graduate students. For more details, you can visit the official website.

How To Apply: You can read about –  Frederick University Scholarships – HERE

9. University of Cyprus Scholarships Program

Eligibility Status: The University of Cyprus Scholarship Program offers many different scholarships which are fully or partially financed for postgraduate students. The University of Cyprus Scholarship is given on academic merit. These Scholarships are offered to incoming and continuing candidates.

Requirements: UC scholarships are given for one year to the selected candidates and you can renew them every year. UC also gives Program-specific scholarships to students at the university.

How To Apply: You can read about –  University of Cyprus Scholarships – HERE

10. European University of Cyprus Scholarships Program

Eligibility Status: The European University of Cyprus offers a variety of scholarships to those students who need finances for their studies. EUC also offers academic scholarships based on their grade point average to its existing international students. EUC Scholarship covers Tuition fees partially and is offered to good academic record Undergraduate students. EUC scholarship program also provides athletic scholarships for exceptional students of its sports team members.

Requirements: European University of Cyprus scholarship covers 5% to 25% of the tuition fee cost. Many specific scholarships for different doctoral degree programs and alumni scholarships are also given to students. You can check university website for more information related to these scholarships.

How To Apply: You can read about –  European University of Cyprus Scholarships – HERE

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