Was Christina Mauser Autopsy Sketch Exposed On Reddit? Husband Matt Mauser Tribute

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Was Christina Mauser Autopsy Sketch Exposed On Reddit? Husband Matt Mauser Tribute

Christina Mauser was one of the victims in a January 2020 helicopter crash that took Kobe Bryant. Is her autopsy sketch exposed on Reddit?

A victim of the 2020 Calabasas helicopter crash, Christina Mauser’s loved ones were left behind, including her husband, Matt, and three children. Her husband often talks about Mauser and their time together in several interviews.

And amid the ongoing lawsuit by Vanessa Bryant, there’s a possibility that family members of other victims will also be in the hearing. A source stated that Christina’s husband, Matt Mauser, might be taking the stand. But are his wife’s photos shared online?

Was Christina Mauser’s Autopsy Sketch Exposed On Reddit? Husband Matt Mauser Tribute

Christina Mauser’s autopsy sketch wasn’t exposed on Reddit as much as Kobe’s and Gigi’s.

A report claims that all nine victims’ autopsy sketches were shared on social media. But such graphics of seven victims, excluding Bryant and his daughter, are unavailable on the internet.

Nonetheless, if such photos were once shared online, every victim’s family could file a lawsuit against LA County. As of now, Matt Mauser hasn’t filed any lawsuit following the incidents of January 26, 2020.

The widower, however, doesn’t like to miss an opportunity to talk about his late wife. He misses her and can’t stop talking about her in interviews.

The 38-year-old was reported dead in an accident. The cause of death was believed to be blunt force trauma.

Christina Mauser’s Husband Matt And Children

Christina and Matt Mauser shared three wonderful children.

Moreover, they first met each other in 2004. After dating for four months, Matt asked Christina to marry him because he knew she was a keeper. They got married in 2005 and were married for over 15 years until the tragedy struck.

Matt is a singer and songwriter based in Southern California. He continues writing music to support his three children, two daughters, Penny and Ivy, and a son, Tom.

Furthermore, for his wife’s remembrance, Matt has launched The Christina Mauser Foundation, which supports single mothers, women, and girls in sports through scholarships and other financial help.

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Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Trial Hearing: What Happened?

Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant filed a civil lawsuit against Los Angeles County for emotional damages.

As per her suit, a few detectives clicked the photos of her dead husband and allegedly shared the material “for fun.”. There’s even an audio recording of a detective describing the photos as images depicting “piles of meat.”

The trial began on Wednesday and is set to continue for several days. The family members of other victims were also present during the trial.

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