Was Megan Thornton In An Accident? Coreus Group Exeter Twitter Tribute

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Was Megan Thornton In An Accident? Coreus Group Exeter Twitter Tribute

According to the rumors that have surfaced online through Twitter, Megan Thornton might have been in an accident.

At the Coreus Group, where she used to work as an assistant marketing manager, she passed away at 23 following a tragic accident on Sunday 31st July.

She took tremendous pride in her work and completed her master’s at the University of Exeter, with award wins in Exeter, Bristol, and London. She was a very hard-working woman.

While the police report is still to come, it is rumored that she died at the accident site, although she was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead. The police seem to be investigating the scene of the accident, and the final report of the investigation and how the accident occurred is yet to be revealed.

Her Family member Paul Thorton said they are in tremendous pain, and Megan loved her role with Coreus and took great personal pride in her’s and the Company’s achievements and thanks everyone for their love and support.

Megan was such a beam of sunshine, and she will be sorely missed. Another of her coworkers, Ellie Bird, stated, “My sympathies are with you all and, of course, with her family at this terrible time. She was kind, funny, beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated to her infectious work – continually going beyond the call of duty.

We are heartbroken to share the news that our wonderful Assistant Marketing Manager, Meg Thornton passed away at the age of 23 following a tragic accident on Sunday 31st July. Please bear with us whilst we come to terms with life in Coreus without Meg. https://t.co/iM1YgTxF8L https://t.co/U1yd3VjEd2

Andrew Clancy, Managing Director, stated that the entire Coreus team was shocked and hoped Megan knew how much we appreciated and loved her. Our condolences to Paul, Jacqueline, and Sophie for losing their loving daughter and sister. We are devastated and enjoy your time and understanding while we come to terms with this tragic event. Meg was Coreus through and through.

We pray for her family and friends in a difficult time and send support who are suffering after her death. For all the affected families, this is sad. My condolences to everyone; RIP Tricia Davis said.

In time we hope we can continue the legacy that you started here, said one of her co-workers, which positively impacted their life with Megan.

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