Was Missing Joanne Pedersen Found? Sister And Family Appeals For Help In 1983 Case

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Was Missing Joanne Pedersen Found? Sister And Family Appeals For Help In 1983 Case

On February 19, 1983, Joanne Pedersen, a young girl, vanished without a trace from the area around her Vedder Crossing house in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

She was last seen at the Penny Pincher Store in the Vedder Crossing neighborhood of Chilliwack, British Columbia, located close to Vedder Road and Watson Road.

Was Missing Joanne Pedersen Found?

No, she isn’t found yet, and there hasn’t been any vital information that could help to locate her since her disappearance in 1983. She was last seen in a phone booth with an unidentified adult guy, and it is thought that she was kidnapped.

Age Ennanhed Photo Of Joanne Pederson Alongside Her Original Picture ( Source : Twitter )

Joanne Marie Pedersen was ten years old when she vanished. She had brown eyes and light brown hair that reached her shoulders. It’s been 39 years since she disappeared, but her family still hopes she will return to her home one day.

Joanne Pedersen’s Sister Appeals For Help

After a small quarrel with her sister, who was then 11, Joanne Marie Pedersen vanished from her house without a trace. The girls and their 14-year-old cousin were heading home from the mall when the altercation occurred. Joanne’s mother and stepfather were present at an adjacent Legion hall.

As a practical joke, her sister and cousin ran ahead and locked Joanne out of the house. Joanne made several attempts to enter. She proceeded to a corner store nearby the place to call her parents even though it was chilly and pouring. Joanne had already left by the time her sister had unlocked the door.

The employee was preoccupied with other clients when Joanne arrived at the shop. To use a pay phone, Joanne went outside. She called the Legion’s phone operator before calling her stepfather, who arranged to bring her up. She was gone when he got to the store a half-hour later.

Joanne Pedersen’s Parents’ Effort To Find Their Lost Daughter

Witnesses claimed to have seen a man standing close to Pedersen, where the call originated. The unnamed male was described as being between the ages of 20 and 30, standing between 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 7 inches tall, with a slim to the medium physique, hair that was light to black and covering his ears, being clean-shaven, and wearing a dark jacket.

I still think of her. I will always remember our principle asking if anyone had seen her to let them know. She was in the other class of the same grade. 💔 #Chilliwack #missingchild #coldcase Joanne Pedersen, 10, Vanished Without a Trace (Cold Case) https://t.co/BTh7J1LxJB

Witnesses also provided details of a two-door domestic car with a dark Landau roof, which they said belonged to the man and was either white or cream. Although the individual has been linked to the crime as a suspect, Upper-Fraser Valley police believe it is conceivable that the man initially attempted to assist Pedersen by pleading with him to come forward and cooperate with investigators.

Joanne’s mother made a heartfelt request to the police in 2008 for that man who was spotted with her daughter just before she disappeared to come forward. Since 2008, a guy who claims to have seen what happened before Pedersen vanished has written three anonymous letters to the Chilliwack RCMP.

His identity is under investigation, but the police still request the man to come forward with an explanation as the case is still open to this date.

Is There Any Go Fund Me Case?

When Joanne disappeared, many people came forward to help them financially in a mission to search for her. However, a Go Fund Me campaign was never initiated as this was an incident before the popularity of the internet, smartphone, and computers. She was last spotted sporting a pink sleeveless jacket, tan-colored leggings, and a blue sweater over a yellow T-shirt.

At the time, a massive search was initiated after her disappearance. Personnel from the adjacent CFB Chilliwack and Chilliwack Search and Rescue were also involved in addition to the RCMP. The Chilliwack Progress even offered a $1,000 prize for information regarding the missing girl.

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