Was Salman Rushdie A Victim Of Religion Attack? Injuries And Health Condition

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Was Salman Rushdie A Victim Of Religion Attack? Injuries And Health Condition

Salman Rushdie Religion Attack – What Happened To Him? Author’s Health And Injuries

Salman Rushdie is a victim of religious attacks after his book The Satanic Verses.

Rushdie is an Indian-born and British American novelist who connects magical realism with historical fiction often in his work and primarily deals with the combination of disruptions between Eastern and Western civilizations.

In 1981, the novelist won the Booker Prize for Fiction for his second novel Midnight Children which Jonathan Cape published. His work was the best book of all winners on two functions. It includes the 25th and 40th anniversaries of the prize.

On 12 August 2022, while starting a speech at Chautauqua Institution, Rushie was attacked by a man who came to the stage and stabbed him constantly in his neck and abdomen. The local trooper pulled the young boy before taken into custody.

The novelist was admitted to a tertiary care medical facility UMPC Hamot by airlift in Erie, Pennsylvania. Before being put on a ventilator, the novelist underwent surgery.

Yes, Rushdie is the victim of a religious attack. The Stanic Verses was the fourth novel by Rushdie in September 1988 which resulted in controversy, provoking, protest and debates in the name of religion. Even the Muslim people questioned the role of freedom of expression and political violence.

The novelist received death threats, including a leading ruling on the point of Islamic law calling for his assassination, issued by Iranian political and religious leader Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini in 1989.

After the assassination, people take the novelist under their protection. The novel caused him immediate controversy in the Muslim world. Perhaps his fourth novel’s title refers to a disputed Muslim tradition. The book disclosed Muhammad to the Quran, accepting three Arabian pagan goddesses who used to pray in Makkah as divine beings.

According to Rushdie, Muhammad repels the verses( Ayah), which means the devil tempted him to utter these lines to satisfy the Meccans. The novelist disclosed the disputed verses were from the Abrahamic religions Gabriel.

Nonetheless, the book was unallowed in many countries with large Islamic communities. Iran, India, Bangladesh, Sudan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Thailand, Tanzania, Indonesia, Singapore, Venezuela, and Pakistan were the thirteen countries where the book was prohibited.

Rushdie is an atheist. Although the novelist belongs to a Kashmiri Muslim family, he didn’t believe in gods.

Salman Rushdie Likey To Lose His Injured Eyes

The agent of Rushdie, Andrew Wylie, shared he was likely to lose his injured eyes. The suspect stabbed him while preparing to give his speech in upstate New York. He was in the hospital with severe injuries on his whole body part.

Hadi Matar attacked the novelist on Friday at Chautauqua Institution, a nonprofit education and retreat center. It was a preplanned crime by the murderer. During the attack, he faced damaged liver and served nerves in an arm and eyes.

In 1999, the novelist had a treatment to correct Ptosis, a problem related to levator palpebrae superioris muscle. It causes the dropping or falling of the upper eyelid. But Rushdie underwent the operation after it became increasingly difficult for him to open his eyes.

Moreover, Rushdie disclosed that if he didn’t perform surgery on his eyes, he might not be able to open his sight forever. But, after the attack, his eyes may face the same problem. People are concerned about the novelist’s condition and share a prayer for the award-winning author.

Suppose you are likely to know about Noevlist marriage life. In 2004, Rushdie wed Padma Lakshmi for the fourth time. The couple ended their marriage in three years.

Salman Rushdie’s Health Condition After The Attack

Rushdie is off the ventilator and started taking it the day after 24-year-old Hadi Matar stabbed him. His current health is recovering from ‘life-changing’ injuries after being stabbed in New York. However, the novelist’s agent said the recovery would take a long time.

Rushdie remains on a ventilator after getting attacked in the morning Western part of the city. In the 1980s, the novelist was accused of blasphemy in the Muslim world for his novel. The incident is highly sensitive in the Muslim world. In 1988, India was the first country to ban his book The Satanic Verses after they felt it was sinful for the Islamic community.

Rushdie had faced a death threat for more than 30 years for his book The Satanic Verses. Rushdie shows his courage for free speech despite the risks to his safety. Even Ian McEwan, a writer and long-time friend of the novelist, praised him as an inspirational defender of persecuted writers and journalists worldwide.

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