What did George Jay Gross Jr. do? Michigan man charged in connection with the shooting death of Gabriel Hojnacki

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What did George Jay Gross Jr. do? Michigan man charged in connection with the shooting death of Gabriel Hojnacki

According to Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker, charges have been brought against the grandpa of Gabriel Hojnacki’s buddy for the 13-year-passing. old’s According to Becker, the older man is charged of murdering the teenager inadvertently in Grand Rapids’ Western Grand neighborhood in May.

According to court documents, George Jay Gross Jr., age 60, unintentionally left a firearm on a nightstand where children might get it. If found guilty, the suspect would likely serve 15 years of his life in prison.

A look into the Gabriel Hojnacki’s accident killing

Gabriel Hojnacki was with a friend on May 28, 2022, at the friend’s grandfather’s Alpine Avenue home. Hojnacki was fatally shot in the chest by the two teenagers’ toy gun as they were playing with it. He was taken emergency care and later pronounced dead.

On the day of the incident, a detective from the Grand Rapids police department testified in court regarding a probable cause document. According to the officer, Gross Jr.’s grandson, who is currently facing charges as an adult, entered the former’s bedroom and removed the pistol from the nightstand. This resulted in the adolescent being fatally shot by accident.

According to an affidavit, Gross’ grandson was standing in the doorway between the living room and kitchen while Gabriel Hojnacki was resting on the couch. According to reports, Hojnacki’s friend later admitted to authorities that he had been holding the gun in one hand when it was shot, therefore he did not remember squeezing the trigger.

According to Gross, the youths were tinkering with his 45-caliber pistol when he opened fire. He further stated that when he was at work, the rifle was kept in an unlocked dresser in his bedroom. The handgun, according to Gross’ grandson, was discovered on the nightstand.

Police discovered a handgun in the bedside drawer along with two other guns in a concealed drawer, according to court filings. Gross admitted to the police that he couldn’t recall whether or not he had stowed the firearm with a round in the chamber after its discovery. He asserted that he thought all the weapons were secured.

Additionally, the 60-year-old admitted in an affidavit that he might have mentioned the pistols a few years ago. Gross said that his adult son was causing him problems and trying to trespass on his property.

Bradley Peri, an attorney for the family of Gabriel Hojnacki, commented on the occurrence and called it “an horrific tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.” The family, he continued, is relieved that Gross, the gun’s owner, is facing consequences.

Peri went on to explain that although Gabriel cannot be saved, his death won’t have been in vain if the tragedy may influence one gun owner to modify their behavior and save a life.

While it is true that people have the right to own firearms, he concluded by noting that they also have a responsibility to keep them locked up and unloaded. Peri stated that doing this would only serve to protect kids and stop incidents like Gabriel’s death from happening again.

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