What Did George Jay Gross Jr. Do? Michigan Man Charged In Reference To The Capturing Dying Of Gabriel Hojnacki

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What Did George Jay Gross Jr. Do? Michigan Man Charged In Reference To The Capturing Dying Of Gabriel Hojnacki

Chris Becker, the Kent County prosecutor, claims that costs have been set for the 13-year-old passing of Gabriel Hojnacki’s friend’s grandpa. outdated’s Becker claims that the older man is accused of accidentally killing “the youngster” in Grand Rapids’ Western Grand area in May.

George Jay Gross Jr., 60, mistakenly left a gun on a nightstand where children might get it, according to court documents. The suspect would ostensibly spend the next 15 years of his life in prison if found guilty.

A look into the Gabriel Hojnacki’s accident killing

On May 28, 2022, Gabriel Hojnacki visited his friend’s granddad at his Alpine Avenue home. Hojnacki was killed by the two children’s toy gun, which they were playing with when it accidentally shot him in the chest. After receiving emergency attention, he was later declared dead.

A detective from the Grand Rapids police department testified in court on the day of the incident regarding a potential set-off document. The officer claimed that Gross Jr.’s grandson, who is currently serving time as an adult, broke into the former’s bedroom and removed the gun from the nightstand. Due to this, it seems likely that the adolescent was shot and killed.

According to an affidavit, Gross’ grandson was sitting on the couch and Gabriel Hojnacki was standing in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. According to reports, Hojnacki’s friend later told police that he was only carrying the gun in one hand when it was fired, which prevented him from remembering to squeeze the trigger.

Gross claimed that as he opened fire, the kids were fiddling with his 45-caliber revolver next to him. He further admitted that the firearm was kept in his bedroom in an open dresser while he was at work. In answer to Gross’ grandson, the weapon was found on the nightstand.

According to court documents, police also found two other firearms in a hidden drawer along with a handgun in the nightstand drawer. After the pistol with the round inside the chamber was found, Gross told the police that he couldn’t remember whether or not he had stored it there. He claimed that he believed all the guns had been taken.

The 60-year-old also acknowledged in an affidavit that he might have discussed the firearms just a few years before. Gross complained that his adult son was giving him grief and attempting to enter his property without permission.

An attorney for Gabriel Hojnacki’s family, Bradley Peri, remarked on the situation and called it “an horrible tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.” He proceeded by saying that the family was glad that Gross, the owner of the pistol, will face consequences.

Peri continued by emphasizing that even though Gabriel cannot be saved, his passing wouldn’t have been ineffective if the tragedy had the potential to influence one gun owner to alter their behavior and save a life.

While it’s true that people have the right to own private firearms, he added that they also have a responsibility to keep them locked up and empty. Peri stated that taking those actions will only serve to protect children and prevent future tragedies like Gabriel’s death.

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