What Happened To Coach Mike Hickmon? Death and Obituary, Aqib Talib Involved or Arrested?

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What Happened To Coach Mike Hickmon? Death and Obituary, Aqib Talib Involved or Arrested?

Mike Hickmon was allegedly shot and killed in Lancaster during a youth football match. His death has caused an uproar on the internet.

Several speculations and rumors emerged after a video of an altercation surfaced on social media. Some people accused Aqib Talib and his brother of involvement in the murder.

What Happened To Coach Mike Hickmon?

Mike Hickmon, a Pee Wee Football coach, passed away tragically after suffering from a gunshot. He was a member of Dragon Elite Academy. Many people mourn his loss and send prayers to his family.

According to some¬†sources¬†online, he was coaching his son when an altercation took place between other adults present there. And he was shot dead in the middle of the field. Rumors have it that his child witnessed his father’s death.

A video has surfaced online, which shows a bunch of people fighting in the scene. There are several gunshots heard in the background. It is said that the brother of Aqib Talib, Yaqub, is reportedly involved in the shooting.

However, concerned authorities have not provided any official statement regarding the incident. As a result, many speculations are going around on the internet.

Mike Hickmon Death- Is There An Obituary?

Mike Hickmon’s death at a Pee Wee football game in Lancaster, a suburb of Dallas, TX, saddens people who heard of the incident. Someone allegedly fired a gun during a fight that happened in the youth game.

Mike’s death was traumatizing for people who were present at the scene, especially the kids. It was a youth game, and kids were playing. However, a brawl that broke between the adults caused the death of an innocent man and an unforgettable shocking incident for the children.

An official obituary notice is yet to be released, but many cyberians have paid tribute to the coach. In addition, many expressed anger at how anyone could bring a gun to a youth football game and even fire it in public.

Was Aqib Talib Involved or Arrested In Mike Hickmon Murder?

Rumors about Aqib Talib’s involvement in the murder of Mike Hickmon are circulating on Twitter. There are also words about him getting arrested.

However, there is no official confirmation about this speculation which has made many of his fans anxious. Some claimed that he was detained, whereas some argue that it is still not sure if he was involved in the incident or not.

Some people who claimed to have heard from the witnesses argue that Aqib’s brother, Yaqub, pulled the trigger and killed the coach. Nonetheless, netizens may have to wait for authorities to provide the correct information before reaching conclusions.

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